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how to clean RELX Device

How To Clean RELX Device

Quick Guide

Cleaning the RELX regularly can extend its lifespan. Since many users want to know how to clean RELX device, this guide will show you five easy steps to get it done:

  • Prepare clean tissue or cotton swabs
  • Detach the liquid pod from the RELX
  • Clean the pod
  • Clean the mouthpiece
  • Reinsert the pod

Keep reading to get a more detailed tutorial on how to clean RELX device.

What Is RELX Device?

A RELX Device is an electronic cigarette that simulates tobacco smoking. It can be charged using a USB port and has a variety of flavours.

Taking a puff activates the device without pushing a button. The atomiser heats up and vaporises a liquid solution called e-liquid. The vaporised e-liquid cools rapidly into an aerosol of tiny droplets, vapour, and air, which produces the vapour inhaled by the user.

Although the evidence on whether flavoured vapes assisted in quitting smoking is inconclusive, e-cigarette products, including RELX Devices, are a preferable choice for most smokers.

Construction Of RELX Device

how to clean RELX Device construction of RELX Device

Take RELX Infinity for an example. It features a pen-shaped vape look with pod mods. Pod mods allow users to put a replaceable liquid pod into the device and begin vaping. Therefore, the RELX Infinity consists of two major sections: the liquid pod and the device.

In addition, the device has a coil system and a battery inside. Converting the pre-filled e-liquid in the pod for RELX into vapour requires the battery to provide power to the coils, allowing it to reach up to 400°F within seconds to vaporise e-liquid.

How To Clean RELX Device?

the easy rinse
These five simple steps will be helpful if you want an easy rinse of the RELX Device.
Prepare essentials
how to clean RELX Device prepare essentials

Prepare dry, clean tissue or cotton swabs.

Detach the liquid pod from the RELX
how to clean Device detach the liquid pod

Gently pull the pre-filled pod out of the device.

Clean the pod
how to clean RELX Device clean the pod

Use cotton swabs to clean the magnetic lock of the pod and the device.

Clean the mouthpiece
how to clean RELX Device clean the mouthpiece

Roll the tissue into a long, thin strip and tuck it into the mouthpiece and the charging port at the bottom. Rub it from side to side to wipe away foreign matter.

Reinsert the pod
how to clean RELX Device reinsert the pod

Reinsert the pod into the device until you hear it click in place. The pod is properly inserted and connected to the device when the LED indicator lights up.

Why Clean RELX Device?

  • Health Issue

It might become a breeding ground for germs due to frequent contact with your hands and mouth. Leaving the device unclear can lead to various health risks, including the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

  • Device Issue

Grime from the heated coils, residual e-liquid, and foreign debris can shorten the device’s life. Regularly cleaning all parts of the RELX Device can help it last longer.


The RELX Device is a small, lightweight, portable, and reusable pod mod often used for recreation.

It needs to be cleaned regularly, professionally and safely to avoid the growth of bacteria, stop the spread of viruses, and prolong its life. If your device is left uncleaned for a long time, there is a chance that it could affect your vaping experience or even render the device unusable.

Buy RELX online and enjoy the ease of express delivery to your home door if your RELX Device doesn’t work or you want to upgrade it.


How do you clean the inside of a RELX?

  • Pull the pod out.
  • Disassemble the device to take out the internal part.
  • Use dry cotton swabs to clean the battery, coils, and sensor.
  • Maintain the internal structure to reinsert it into the device.
  • Install the liquid pod and take a puff to check if the device functions.

How do I unclog my RELX device?

Wrap the tip of a toothpick in cotton or tissue. Stick it into the clogged area (the mouthpiece, air holes, or charging port), and rub it from side to side until the foreign matter is removed.

How do you take care of a RELX device?

Regularly clean the RELX device and store it in the right environment when out of use to avoid sunlight or humidity.

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