RELX Pods - Watermelon



  • 3-5% strength
  • Pod e-liquid capacity: 2 ml
  • Pod longevity: 650 puffs
  • Original guarantee

The RELX Flavor Pods are proprietary cartridges for the RELX Pod System that contain 2 ml of nicotine salt e-liquid. Each RELX pod is securely attached to the device via a magnetic connection and has more than 20 delicious pre-filled salt flavours. Mint, Blueberry, Classic Tobacco, Mango, Fruit, Lemon Tea, Ludou Ice Cream, etc. (each flavour description can be viewed on the Specifications tab.) When attached to the RELX, a pressure-sensitive system takes control with a certain degree of sensitivity 0.001 atm. The drip pointer has a duckbill shape for convenience. Internally, the RELX pod uses an innovative ceramic burner in a honeycomb design. Each honeycomb size is 0.01mm in size. As additional security, double silicone rings are provided to prevent the juice from escaping. Each capsule has about 650 smoke.

RELX Pods Specifications:

  • RELX replacement pod for RELX vape
  • 20 flavours
  • 2ml capacity
  • Ceramic honeycomb coil
  • 0.01mm in diameter size
  • Over 650 puffs
  • Dual sealed pods
  • Drip tip with duckbill
  • Plug and play connection
  • Gold-plated proprietary connection
  • Magnetic connection
  • RELX Pods guarantee

RELX Pods: The perfect pod vapes to enjoy your favourite taste

Vapour containers or e-liquid containers are the fuel for a vape pen. Without a vape pod, an electronic cigarette is only part of the hardware.

RELX pods transform normal pods into sensations of taste, unlike any other pod vape you can buy. This is exactly how our pods increase the vaping experience at any time of the day.


RELX offers you a dazzling selection of flavoured vape pods. Each RELX pod contains 2 millilitres of our special blend of glycerin, propylene glycol, rich aroma and nicotine salts.


Additional information

Relx Pods Flavors

Banana Smoothie(Mellow Yellow), Blueberry(Blue Burst), Classic Tobacco, Energy Shot(Turbo Red), Exotic Passion, Frozen Coke(Dark Sparkle), Fruit, Gold Sparkle(Sarsi), Grape(Tangy Purple), Grapefruit(Pink Zest), Ice Lychee(Fragrant Fruit), Iced Black Tea, Icy Purple Sweet Potato(Taro), Icy Slush(White Freeze), Icy Strawberry (Garden's Heart), Lemon Tea, Ludou Ice(Mung Bean), Mango(Tropical Fruit), Mellow Melody, Mint, Orange Soda (Sunny Sparkle), Passion Fruit (Exotic Passion), Peach Oolong(Fruit Tea), Watermelon(Fresh Red)