RELX vape starter kit & pods


  • RELX Starter Kit: Relx Vape Device + Micro USB Charging Cable + User Manual (Pod Sold Separately)
  • RELX Starter Kit & Pods: Relx vape device + pre-filled RELX pods × 2  + micro USB charging cable + user manual

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Dimensions: 4-1 / 4 “x 13/16” x 7/16 “(including cartridge)
Traditional automatic style
Close the pod/cartridge system
All-in-one device
Integrated battery capacity: 350mAh
Maximum power: 6W
E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml
Resistance: 1.0 – 1.2 ohms
Vape pen-style design
Non-refillable design Compact and also a lightweight design
Double-sealed, leak-proof pod design
Honeycomb ceramic coil technology
Uses pre-filled, nicotine salt-based e-liquid flavour trays from RELX (sold separately)
Lower micro USB charging port
RELX vape guarantee

RELX Vape Instruction

Just go the pod straight into the battery and unplug when you’re done. There’s actually absolutely nothing else to do after you’ve set the pod.

There are no switches or LED indicators. The RELX standard is pull-activated, which suggests that the user creates steam simply by pulling out the mouthpiece. In the centre of the battery, a teardrop-shaped LED lights up when you get a hit. This indicates that the tool is active. As soon as you have finished pulling, the device goes into sleep mode and only requires an inhalation to switch on. You will never have to remember to turn it off.

Pop in the RELX pods. Take the e-liquid pod out of the packaging and insert it into the dental caries of the e-cigarette machine. Our pods and tools remain connected via a magnetic lock.
Carefully draw on the mouthpiece of the RELX pods to begin. No buttons to mess around with. Simply inhale to activate the RELX pressure-sensitive pods and absorb the vapour.
Pretty easy right?

How does it hit?

The RELX Classic has a limited yet simple draw. If you like the slap of a cigarette this hits like a dream! It’s a legitimate MTL pull, but you don’t have to collapse your cheeks. The automatic switch can be activated with very little effort. We were able to take long drags to the cutoff without ever getting a charred or completely dry hit. There was also no gurgling, spitting, or leaking.

The outstanding feature of the performance is the FEELM ceramic wicking effect. You can get along hit with confidence! I’ve searched for and seen the pod appearance which is absolutely empty while getting pretty saturated hits. You can essentially vape the pods to the last drop … although I don’t advise you to do so. It’s best to just shyly quit from a bone-dry pod. The good news is you can see your juice level with the tip of the pod.

The throat blow is a strong blow with no scratchy feelings. However, unless you are a heavy vaper or smoker, opt for 3% pure nicotine versus 5%. For 3% nice salt, the RELX Classic hits pretty hard. We point out that depending on the formula for the Nice salt, the 3% of one brand can feel really light, while the Nice salt of another brand feels much more assertive. The beautiful salt in the RELX Classic is assertive.

Maintaining your RELX vape is equally easy

Battery: While battery life depends exactly on how heavily you use the tool, you can usually rely on a full charge to last you through the day, with moderate to light individuals being able to drive 2-3 days for a single price.

Charging: To charge your RELX vape, simply plug the micro USB cable into the bottom of the tool and plug it directly into the nearest power source. You need to see the sign come on and stay on while the device is charging, and turn off when the battery is fully charged. It only takes 45-60 minutes for your RELX gadget to be fully billed. So you can prepare for it before you realize it.

RELX Pods: Each e-liquid RELX pod contains 2 ml of e-liquid with nicotine salt, which is enough to create ~ 650 puffs, which is about three packs of cigarettes. RELX uses many different flavours, from traditional mint to juicy mango.

Cleaning: From time to time you can wipe the device with pods and a little isopropyl alcohol. You can also clean the cavity of the gadget case with a Q-tip dipped in alcohol and let it dry completely before reusing.

Storage space: When RELX products are not in use, they must be kept in a safe and also completely dry place, away from children.

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