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RELX flavors guide

Comprehensive RELX Flavors Guide: All Flavours To Comfort Your Palate

RELX Vapes are compatible with many pre-filled RELX Pods to offer more than 30 flavours, and you may need help deciding which is best for you before purchasing.

As smokers with no less than three years of vaping experience, we’ll walk you through all RELX flavours and give an honest review of them in this RELX flavors guide.

We divided the RELX flavours into four categories: Beverage Flavours, Fruit Flavours, Tea Flavours, and Popsicle Flavours. If you love experimenting with new flavours, check out the RELX Online Shop, which provides everything you want for RELX.

Fruit RELX Flavours Review

Top 1: Fruit RELX Flavours

The colliding combination of sweet, tangy fruits brings you an amazingly delicious vaping experience. From refreshing watermelon to a tropical mango, you’ll feel like you are in a fruity paradise.

Read the RELX fruit flavours review to get more detailed information!

beverage relx flavours collection

Top 2: Beverage RELX Flavours

From tasty fruit drinks to intriguing cocktails, you will love these terrific beverages. The cooling sensation, paired with sweet fruit or an aftertaste drink, makes the rich flavour dance on your tongue.

Read the RELX beverage flavours review to get more detailed information!

Tea RELX Flavours Review

Top 3: Tea RELX Flavours

The slight bitterness with the elegant aroma of the tea hits a mild throat. The thick vapour with a hint of tea awakens your tired taste buds. You’ll always feel energized with these unique flavours.

Read the RELX tea flavours to get more detailed information!

The RELX is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of disposable and pod vapes. In addition, its wide selection of divine flavours satisfies all your requirements.

If you want more in-depth information about RELX flavours, such as sweetness, coolness, and throat hit, the following reviews will be helpful.


What are the flavors of RELX?

The RELX flavours fall into four categories: fruit flavours, beverage flavours, tea flavours, and popsicle flavours.

What are the best RELX flavors 2024?

Fresh Red (Watermelon) is one of the most popular flavours in 2024, based on market popularity and user feedback.

What are the levels of RELX pods?

RELX Pods contain 5% (50mg) and 3% (30mg) of nicotine strength.

What flavor is the white freeze RELX?

The White Freeze is tastefully formulated to replicate the authentic banana taste, finished off with a hint of mint.

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