RELX Infinity Pod

The RELX Infinity Pod(RELX Pod Pro) is a new and upgraded pod system for RELX Pods with two technologies and eleven structural leak-proof labyrinths for a unique experience.

Applicable For RELX Device: RELX Infinity Vape & RELX Infinity 2 Vape

FAQ About Infinity Pods

The RELX Infinity Pod, a best seller by RELX, boasts FEELM ceramics, leak-proof design, 1.9ml capacity, and 30 unique flavours.

A RELX Infinity Pod provides approximately 300-600 Puffs. The exact amount of puff is related to one’s vaping habits.

A RELX Infinity Pod lasts approximately 2-4 days and provides 300-600 puffs of smoke from the built-in 1.9ml e-liquid. For heavy smokers, it can be even shorter.

Yes, the RELX Pod Pro is a 4th generation Pod and is fully compatible with the 4th generation RELX Infinity Device.

The RELX Pod Pro is an upgraded version of the RELX Pod. RELX Pods are compatible with a wide range of e-liquid formulas that provide a truer taste and are only available with RELX Generation 1 devices. The RELX Pod Pro features RELX Super Smooth™ technology that provides an unrivalled super smooth experience and is compatible with RELX Generation 4, 5 and 6 devices.

If you want to buy Infinity Pods in Australia, the internet is your best bet. As RELX’s online specialist shop, you can be assured of purchasing authentic RELX Pods guaranteed to provide you with first-class service and great prices.