RELX Models provides the RELX Pod Pro and RELX Pod Pro 2 for RELX Infinity, Infinity 2 and RELX Essential devices.

RELX Buyer's Guide

It will also help you find out about other RELX products and get the best flavours.

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RELX Pod Pro (Infinity Pod) RELX Pod Pro 2 (Infinity 2 Pod)
Core Value Great Taste Best Closed Pod System
Strength High authentic taste Greater value for consumers Optimum leakage prevention and voltage adjustment to ensure the vapour's balance.
Compatible Device Relx Infinity /RELX Essential/RELX Artisan Relx Infinity /RELX Essential/RELX Artisan

FAQ About RELX Pod Juice

A RELX Pod delivers approximately 300-600 Puffs as the built-in 1.9ml of e-liquid ensures that Puffs are available.

A RELX Pod has approximately 21-42 cigarettes. Based on the common number of puffs, 12-14 Puffs is roughly equal to one cigarette, so RELX Vape Pods provide 300-600 Puffs, so the projection is that it contains around 21-42 cigarettes.

A RELX Pod will last approximately 2-5 days. This varies from person to person, and the time may be shorter if you are a heavy vaper.

RELX Pods are produced with quality ingredients and strict manufacturing procedures so smokers can feel at ease. One thing you need to watch out for is this nicotine ingredient; if you are allergic to it or feel sick, it is not recommended to use RELX Vape.

No, the RELX Pod is a pre-filled vape cartridge and, as such, is not refillable. If you want to fill it, it is recommended that you purchase a fillable product suitable for use with the RELX Device.