WAKA is a sub-brand of RELX that specializes in creating high-quality disposable vapes and is awarded the Vapouround Global Awards in 2023.

RELX WAKA Vapes' Awards

WAKA, an up-and-coming vape brand, has won the prestigious Vapouround Global Awards 2023, including the “Best Newcomer” award and the “Best Disposable” award.

Now in their eighth year, the Vapouround Global Awards are rigorously evaluated by a panel of industry experts before selecting the winners and are the awards that over 650 vape brands follow.  

FAQ About WAKA Vape Australia

WAKA is a brand dedicated to creating high-performance disposable vapes with several series of vapes. It’s a rising star making waves in the vape industry.

The nicotine content of WAKA Vape Australia (30mg/ml).

WAKA Vape is indeed a high quality vape. WAKA Vape is powerful and exceeds EU standards. It offers more than 200 tantalizing flavours to satisfy the various taste needs of vapers.

IGET focuses primarily on disposable vapes, but has now launched a line of rechargeable vapes to meet the needs of a wider range of vapers.

WAKA, as a sub-brand of RELX, focuses on creating high quality disposable vapes.