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How To Check RELX Authenticity

How To Check RELX Authenticity: Detailed Guide


Determining genuine and counterfeit RELX products is fundamental in ensuring a secure shopping experience. 

The official authentication code, validated website, product packaging, and flavour are essential for identifying the authenticity of RELX products.

Verification Methods

How To Check RELX Authenticity
Authentication Code
HowTo Check RELX Authenticity Authentication Code

After buying a RELX pod or RELX device, you can effectively safeguard your purchase using the product’s authentication code.

Enter the product verification code and click “Verify” to get the verification result.

QR Code
How To Check RELX Authenticity QR Code

Use your phone to scan the QR code next to the verification code to get the verification result.

Validate Website
How To Check RELX Authenticity Validate Website

There is no need to worry about the authenticity of the verification website for products purchased from the official RELX website.

If you buy RELX products from unofficial channels, please carefully observe whether the authentication website provided is correct.

The product bought is likely fake if the website address is not official.

How To Check RELX Authenticity Packaging

Compare the product packaging to confirm that it matches the packaging published on the official RELX website.

The packaging of some illegal products is similar to that of genuine products, but there are still slight differences.

Please note that the official RELX products’ packaging undergoes slight adjustments depending on the country and region, which you need to confirm with the official customer service.

How To Check RELX Authenticity Flavour

If the RELX flavour you bought cannot be found on the official website, please be alert, as this may be a sign of a counterfeit product.

Check the flavour information on the official RELX website before buying.

For more information on how to tell the difference between a real RELX Infinity and a fake one, have a look at this blog:

RELX Warning

Avoid buying low-cost transparent pods
Fake RELX Pods Toluene
Fake RELX Pods Nicotine Content

If a website sells RELX pods far below the market price and they are of the compatible transparent pod type, they are most likely fake.

According to tests conducted by the RELX labs, illegally compatible transparent pods often use poor-quality e-liquids.

The e-liquids contain harmful substances such as toluene that are grossly over the normal standard levels, and the nicotine content is not as advertised.

Avoid buying fake engraved devices
Fake Engraved RELX Devices

Fake engraved RELX devices are made in uncertified factories.

Illegal manufacturers choose to remove the safety protection devices of the batteries or use inferior materials to reduce production costs, which is a potential safety hazard.

So far, many cases have been of battery explosions with fake engraved devices.

RELX reminds vapers not to trust anything from non-regulated manufacturers.

If you want to buy genuine RELX engraved devices, please choose regular channels to buy products.

Avoid fake products on second-hand exchange platforms
Illicit RELX Product Test Results

Some RELX products sold on second-hand trading platforms may be fake and must be guarded against.

RELX Labs have tested these illegal RELX products, and their nicotine content and certain chemical levels are far from the genuine article.

We recommend avoiding buying RELX from unofficial websites or other second-hand sources.

It is because there is a possibility that you may buy fake products and jeopardize your interests and safety.


The above verification methods are effective and easy to use. 

It can help you quickly verify the authenticity of RELX products and confidently enjoy the high-quality vaping experience.

If you still have doubts about the authenticity of your product, please contact our customer service for assistance.


Can you check in RELX?

Yes, you can check the product information in the RELX system by entering the product’s serial number.

How do I verify my RELX QR code?

Use your cell phone to scan the QR code on the product package to enter the verification page, and enter the 14-digit verification code to complete the verification.

Where is the serial number on a RELX?

Locate the Serial Code on the device’s bottom, close to the charging plug.

How do I know if my RELX pod is legit?

You can find out if your RELX pod is legit by going to RELX’s genuine verification page and entering the serial number from the pod’s packaging.

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