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RELX Infinity 2 Australia

RELX Infinity 2

RELX AU offers an upgraded version of the RELX Infinity – the RELX Infinity 2 vape!

RELX Infinity 2 Pod Flavours

Experience the pleasure of vaping with the RELX Infinity 2 Pod.

FAQ About RELX Infinity 2 Australia

What is the mode of RELX Infinity 2?

There are three Relx Infinity 2 modes, each corresponding to the three colours of the indicator light:

  1. Eco Mode (Green Light) – Light puffs and get 65% more puffs
  2. Smooth Mode (Blue Light) – Super smooth and familiar flavour
  3. Boost Mode (Purple Light) – Richer flavour, 15% more vapours than smooth mode

You can switch modes using the button on the vape.

How much nicotine is in the RELX Infinity 2 vape?

The RELX Infinity 2 vape nicotine content is 3% (30mg/ml).

How many cigarettes is equal to a RELX pod?

21 – 42 cigarette is equal to a RELX pod.

RELX pod provides about 300 – 600 puffs, whereas a cigarette is equivalent to about 14 puffs.

What is the difference between RELX Infinity and RELX Infinity 2?

When comparing the RELX Infinity to the RELX Infinity 2, you’ll find that the latter offers quicker charging, a larger battery, and the flexibility of three power modes.

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