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Relx Infinity

RELX Infinity VS RELX Essential: Which One Suits You Better

The RELX Infinity is a beginner vape that takes prefilled pods. The RELX Pod Pro pods hold 1.9 mL of juice and come in nine flavour choices and nicotine strengths. RELX Infinity was granted the world-renowned Red Dot Layout Honor in March 2020 for its distinct reinvention of the vape layout. RELX Infinity is our very first gadget to include a compatible charging situation. Currently, your vape can be saved, charged, and ready whenever you require it.

The RELX Essential features a 350mAh rechargeable battery and Super Smooth Technology which offers, optimized auto-draw performance, rich vapour, air boost, and active-steam pro which provides a constant and balanced vaping experience.

RELX Infinity


  • Dimensions: 112mm x 23mm x 10mm
  • Output: 15A Max
  • Battery: 380mAH
  • Charge Time: 45 Mins
  • Activation: Draw Activated
  • Charger Type: USB Type C
  • Pod Material: FEELM Ceramic Maze Coil
  • Pod Capacity: 1.9ml
  • Pod Weight: 6g
  • Pod Life Span: 500-650 puffs


RELX Infinity design is equipped with a USB-C charging port, which can charge conveniently and quickly. It is designed with exquisite and easy-to-port charging boxes. It is not only fashionable and light, but also dustproof and anti-fall. The new RELX Infinity has a new generation of leakproof design because it has metal seals, multi-layered leakproof, and silicone layers.



It’s very smooth to use, and its design is very simple and elegant, with nine flavour choices. There’s always one of your favourite flavours, like classic flavour, cool, sweet and mellow, and you won’t make mistakes in choosing it at will. The point is that the battery life is so long that it can be charged without charging often. It’s a reliable and stylish replacement for cigarette smoking.

It has definitely been designed to be portable without feeling like you have a small rock in your pocket. It’s all rounded edges, smooth to the touch, and houses the USB-C port on the base and 2 inset charging connectors on either side that allow the pod mod to click into the charging case.

Pros & Cons

RELX Essential


  • Dimensions: 112mm x 23mm x 10mm
  • Output: 15A Max
  • Battery: 350mAH
  • Charge Time: 40 Mins
  • Activation: Draw Activated
  • Charger Type: USB Type C
  • Pod Material: FEELM Ceramic Maze Coil
  • Pod Capacity: 1.9ml
  • Pod Weight: 6g
  • Pod Life Span: 500-650 puffs


As for reliability, Essential’s design is unique. The wavy surface texture serves dual purposes: providing protection from everyday wear and tear, as well as being easy to grip and retrieve from your bag or pocket.

More information about RELX Essential can be had:

Relx Essential


As a substitute cigarette product, the amount of smoke is absolutely enough. Although it can’t compare with real smoke, you can feel the existence of nicotine! I’ve bought ordinary e-cigarettes before, but I need to add cigarette oil. Changing filter cotton is really an annoying process. For lazy people, such a design is simply fatal! Now you just need to change the pod + charge the machine, saving too much trouble! For people who are addicted to smoking, this may really help you give up smoking. Because many times are really lip-toothed impulses, that is, I just want to find something to breathe two bites and enjoy a moment of peace!

Pro & Cons

RELX Infinity VS Essential: Which One Should I Choose


The RELX Essential and RELX Infinity devices have a great deal of resemblance. For instance, they both:

  1. Are compatible with the RELX Pods Pro
  2. Offer Super Smooth™ Performance
  3. Feature a leak-resistant maze for enhanced protection
  4. Charge via a USB-C charging cable
  5. Feature a design with symmetrical pods

The vital differences between RELX Infinity as well as Essential are the charging alternatives, style as well as battery life. Infinity has a dual-charging design that includes both an integrated pogo pin as well as a USB-C port. With the going along with billing situation, you can charge on-the-go for up to 3 added days of battery life.

Another included attribute of Infinity supplies are the integrated SmartPace Alert system which enables you to keep track of your vaping. If you take control of 15 puffs within 15 minutes, the tool will certainly send out a notification in the form of a slight resonance to notify you.

Important is our entry-point tool that offers all you require in a vape pen at a cost-effective price. For users who are not looking for the added features of added battery life, or a SmartPace Alert system, then the Essential is an ideal remedy.

Here are some standout features for Infinity:

  • An Award-Winning Design

While the Essential has a comfy layout, the Infinity provides a truly improved experience. The Infinity is remarkably slim as well as smooth, making transport and

  • A Charging Case

If you believed the Necessary’s billing capacities were convenient, you remain in for a reward with the Infinity. This innovative vape device is complemented with its really own helpful billing situation (offered individually). It’s not large, so you can move it into your pocket or knapsack as easily as you might with the gadget. If you don’t have the instance on you, you can also utilize the USB-C charging cable television to charge your vape device.

  • The Smart Pace Vibration Alert

The Smart Pace Resonance Alert will inform you with a subtle vibration when you take 15 clouds of smoke within a 15-minute timeframe. This handy suggestion is perfect for new vapers, as it can help them monitor their use behaviours. It can additionally profit skilled vapers and also help them damage old patterns. The reminder is a subtle vibration, so it will not be noisy or invasive. If you choose to, you can ignore it and continue making use of the gadget as usual.

  • Increased Battery Capacity

The Crucial has a battery ability of 350mAh, while the Infinity has a battery ability of 380mAh. The Infinity’s greater battery ability will certainly allow it to last also longer than Necessary.

Both the RELX Necessary and also Infinity are strong choices for vaping lovers. RELX depending on your demands and spending plan, a large percentage of users choose necessary, first of all, because its rate is extra acceptable and contains vital functions. It has all the basics needed to provide you with a great vaping experience.

In a word, when your needs are proportional to your budget, you can choose infinity, not only for a long duration but also for more flavours. The function of Essential is almost the same as infinity, but Essential does not have the option of wireless charging, which is relatively not that convenient, but this problem is not very serious for most people. What’s more, if Essential does not have a SmartsPace alarm system, it won’t remind you to overtake. This function is more important for people who want to control nicotine intake.

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