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Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt?

Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt: 5 Restoration Tips

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If you’re new to vapes, you’ll inevitably experience the RELX Pod taste burnt flavour when vaping, but it doesn’t mean you need to replace it. We’ve outlined the main reasons and causes for the problem and provided simple solutions in this article. Please get back to enjoying your vaping experience with our guide.

  1. Stop using the RELX Pods.
  2. Check the e-liquid level
  3. Cleaning and maintaining the pod
  4. Avoid chain vaping
  5. Replacing the RELX Device

So, if you’re ready to find out why your RELX Pod tastes burnt and how to fix it, read on!


RELX products are known for convenience, but sometimes, users may encounter an unpleasant burnt taste that can ruin their experience.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind the burnt smell and provide tips for fixing it and preventative measures to avoid it in the future.

How To Recognize RELX Pod Taste Burnt

Solving a problem is all about identifying it. Let’s explore how to recognise burnt Pods RELX. Look for signs of a burnt pod:

It smells burnt when you inhale it

A burning flavour is the most common sign of a burnt vape. If you feel a burning taste when you inhale, this indicates a burnt coil.

Vapour reduction

Another sign that a disposable vape is burning is decreased vapour production. If you experience a significant reduction in vapour production, it may be due to low vape oil levels.

In these situations, the heat may transfer to the coils, causing them to burn and emit a burnt odour.

Fuselage overheating

Don’t overheat your adjustable wattage device to avoid burning RELX Pods. Exceeding the coil’s limits causes the e-liquid to evaporate too quickly, burning the wick.

Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt?

Understanding why your RELX pods taste burnt is important because changing how you vape can prevent the flavour quality from degrading and help your device last longer.

So, why do your RELX Pods have a burnt flavour? Let’s discuss the most common reasons.

  • Low e-liquid content
Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt: not enough e-liquid

Due to the low amount of e-liquid, the heat from the battery cannot reach it. Instead, the heat is transferred to the coil, causing it to overheat and burnt taste.

  • Old or burnt coils.
Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt: old coils

Coil degradation is a natural process as you continue using your RELX vape. Over time, residue accumulation from your e-liquid can cause the coil’s performance to degrade.

This debris buildup can lead to longer heating times and a burnt flavour as the coil becomes less efficient at heating the e-liquid.

  • You are vaping too much, too fast.
Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt: vaping too much ,too fast

You may run out of e-juice dipped into the wick if you continuously take large puffs. If you smoke your vape more quickly than the wick can suck out the e-juice, you will eventually burn the wick, which will create a burnt flavour.

5 Steps To Fix RELX Pod Taste Burnt

5 Steps To Fix RELX Pod Taste Burnt
After discovering the problem causing the RELX Pods to taste burnt, let’s look at what we can do together to fix it.
Stop Using The RELX Pods
Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt: Stop Using The RELX Pods

The first thing you should do when you notice the RELX Pod taste burnt is to stop using it immediately. Using a burnt pod can harm your health and damage the RELX device.

Check The E-liquid Level
Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt: Check The E-liquid Level

The RELX Pod has been designed with a clear or translucent casing, making it easy to see the remaining vaping liquid.

You can remove the pod from the device and turn it upside down to check how much vape liquid is left.

Keep an eye on the vape oil level to prevent coil burnout.

Prevent the burnt taste in your RELX Vape by replacing the pod promptly after it runs out. Click here to learn how to know if your RELX pod is empty.

Cleaning And Maintaining The Pod
Cleaning And Maintaining The Pod

Allow them to cool, and gently wipe off any residue using a cotton swab soaked in topical alcohol. Your particular pod may have a unique coil cleaning procedure, so be sure to follow the detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Avoid Chain Vaping
Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt : Avoid Chain Vaping

If you vape frequently in short bursts, the coil core can dry out quickly. It would help if you vaped slower and longer, waiting 15 to 20 seconds between each draw.

This will allow the atomizer core to absorb the e-liquid properly and provide a better vaping experience.

Replacing The RELX Pod
Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt : Replacing The RELX pod

If, after trying everything possible, you still get a burnt taste, it may indicate that your RELX Pods have reached the end of their useful life.

Consider replacing it with a new one to ensure a fresh, enjoyable vape experience.

If you want to find out where to buy RELX Pod, check out our officially licensed website, RELX VAPE SHOP.

For the full-flavour vaping experience, please follow the recommended usage time and proper disposal:

How Do You Prevent the RELX Pod Burnt Taste?

As with your health, prevention is always easier than fixing. With RELX pod, you can take a few steps to help prevent dry burning or scorching.

Using RELX standard chargers
Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt: Use a quality charger

Ensure you use a charger designed for RELX Devices and that the USB-C charging cable is in good working order. Fully charge in 45-60minutes.

Using a defective or incompatible charger can lead to overheating and subsequent burning smell.

Avoid overcharging
Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt: Avoid overcharging

Do not plug in the RELX device for a long time after fully charging it. Overcharging may cause the device to overheat and possibly damage the heating element.

Store your RELX Pod properly
Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt: Store Your RELX Pod Properly

Store the Pods RELX in a cool, dry place away from heat, moisture, and sunlight.

Use your RELX Pod properly
Why Does My RELX Pod Taste Burnt: Use your RELX Pod properly

It’s advisable to vape intermittently and refrain from modifying the RELX Pod or adding unauthorized ingredients.

Our site has an article that teaches you how to use RELX Pod Pro. You can click to see the detailed tutorials.


In summary, if your RELX Pod has a burnt taste, the five steps outlined above can help you resolve the issue.

Following the tips in this article, you can minimize the risk of these hits and enjoy a smoother vape experience.

Please let us know if you have any other suggestions on why the vape has a burnt flavour and how to fix it. If you need more help with your RELX vape, please contact us by phone or email.


How long can 1 RELX Pod last?

Each Pod contains 1.9 ML of e-liquid for 400 to 650 puffs. The duration of each Pod depends entirely on your daily smoking habits and the volume of vapour you inhale with each puff.

How much nicotine is in one RELX Pod?

RELX Pods are available in four nicotine concentration levels: 5% (50mg/ml), 3% (30mg/ml), 1.8% (18mg/ml), or 0% (0mg/ml) for those who prefer to vape without nicotine.

Can you refill a RELX Pod?

Do not attempt to open or refill the RELX Pod for safety reasons.

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