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How To Know If RELX Infinity Is Fully Charged?

So, I just got myself a RELX Infinity and used it until it ran out of battery. And now, I'm wondering how to figure out if the device is fully charged, you know, just to be safe.

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While charging, the RELX Infinity device’s LED indicator will pulse white to show that it’s receiving power and the battery is being replenished. Once fully charged, the LED light will remain solid white.

During use, the LED light will also be white, indicating that the device is functioning properly. If the battery level is low, the LED light will flash slowly in red to warn you to recharge.

If the red light flashes 10 times, it means the device is completely out of charge and needs immediate connection to a power source.

The LED indicator of the RELX Infinity device provides visual cues for charging status, battery level, and when it needs to be recharged, enhancing user experience and convenience.

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