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What Is The Function Of RELX Infinity 2?

I'm curious about the capabilities of the RELX Infinity 2. Can you provide me with more information on what this product is capable of?

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The Relx Infinity 2 is the second iteration in the Infinity series, boasting an exclusive power adjustment function found only in the Infinity 2 pod.

While the new device maintains the same size and design as RELX Infinity, the Infinity 2 has a digital button, allowing easy power adjustment.

There are three power levels that you can adjust to tailor your vaping experience. The first level is eco mode (indicated by a green light), perfect for light vaping while saving battery life. The second level is smooth mode (indicated by a blue light), which provides a normal vaping experience with the battery functioning as usual. Lastly, boost mode (indicated by a purple light) is designed to instantly satisfy your cravings with richer flavour and 15% more clouds!

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