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RELX Warranty

RELX warranty is committed to providing adult vapers with a great vaping experience and offering customers support and reassurance after buying a product.

In addition, RELX conducts the Youth Prevention & Guardian Program to prevent and discourage the use of vapes by minors and non-vapers.

Warranty Products Covered

ProductItemWarranty Period
RELX Infinity
RELX Infinity 2
Pod & Device12 months from the date of the original retail buying
Disposable VapeWAKA soPro PA1000012 months from the date of the original retail buying
RELX AccessoriesInfinity Charging Case12 months from the date of the original retail buying


RELX AU will continue to provide you with after-sales Relx service for the remainder of the product warranty period.

Relx Warranty Invalid Claims

RELX Australia accepts all claims for refunds given for product quality issues.

The Relx warranty products cover only claims arising from damage sustained as a result of normal and safe use and do not cover the following:

  • Products not bought on this site.
  • Claims for non-defective products.
  • Any failure or damage not caused by workmanship.
  • Damage caused by general negligence and misuse of the product (including failure to follow product instructions).
  • Damage caused by the use of incompatible products.
  • Damage due to natural causes (including but not limited to natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc.).
  • Loss or theft of products.
  • Products for which there is insufficient evidence of a claim.

Note: Terms not covered by the Relx Warranty include, but are not limited to, the above terms.

Procedures For Filing Warranty Claims

  1. Please prepare pictures and videos of the equipment or product to be claimed or repaired in advance.
  2. Please contact us through the following ways (2 Ways):
  • On the website’s support page, click contact, fill in your information and give feedback.
  • Valid claims can be filed by emailing the RELX customer service team at [email protected].

Note: All warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of buying. Otherwise, the entire claim will be void.

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