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WAKA SoPro 10000 Review

WAKA SoPro 10000 Review: 3 Superior Features

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The RELX-authorized WAKA soPro 10000, with its cool shell and powerful performance, has become the focus of attention for many vapers, so is it worth the money or not?

WAKA soPro 10000 review takes you to find out:

  • Dual Mesh Tech
  • Powerful Battery
  • Clear E-liquid & Battery Indicator

The review has officially begun! Scroll down to discover the WAKA soPro 10000.


The WAKA soPro 10000 has captured the attention of many newbies and the hearts of many vapers.

However, there is still very little known about this new high-performance vape. Therefore, this WAKA soPro 10000 review was born.

You can find the answers in this article about its basic information, outstanding performance features, customer reviews, etc.

WAKA soPro 10000 Review: Basic Information

WaKa soPro PA10000 Disposable Vape

WaKa soPro PA10000 Australia, the newest product of RELX WAKA 2023, has gained popularity and love from vapers.

It is not only because it won the Vapouround Global Awards but also because of its powerful performance and charm.

The extra-large 18ml e-liquid and 850 mAh pure cobalt battery are a rare pairing for superb battery life.

Dual mesh coils efficiently heat 8 Waka soPro PA10000 flavours and provide two vaping modes, greatly satisfying the needs of vapers who pursue a personalized vaping experience.

Flavour List
  • Size: 45.6 mm*28 mm*94.8 mm
  • E-liquid: 18 ml
  • Nicotine: 30mg/ml
  • Atomizer: Dual Mesh
  • Puffs: Up To 10000 Puffs
  • Battery Capacity: 850 mAh
  • Recharging Port: USB Type-C
  • Flavours: 8+
  • Single Pack: $14.99 – $39.98
  • Bundle (3PCS): $100.00 – $120.00
  • Box (10PCS): $239.00 – $400.00
  • Grape Ice
  • Cherry Pomegranate
  • Mango Peach
  • Orange Kiwi
  • Blackcurrant Berries
  • Ice Cola
  • Lemon Lime Bitters
  • Minty Apple Tea

Pros And Cons

WAKA SoPro PA10000 Display
WAKA soPro PA10000 Disposable Vape – Bundle (3PCS)
  • Advanced Design
  • Powerful Battery
  • Fast Charging
  • High Battery Life
  • More Concentrated Vapour
  • Two Vaping Modes
  • Slightly Expensive
  • A Bit Large

Key Features About WAKA soPro 10000

The WaKa soPro review is not complete without three outstanding features that are closely related to the vaping experience.

Dual Mesh Tech

WAKA soPro 10000 Review: Dual Mesh Tech

WAKA 10000 utilizes the innovative Dual Mesh Tech.

As a result, the dual mesh coil is more durable and heats the e-liquid more efficiently than other disposable vapes. Each WAKA soPro 10000 continues to provide vapers with 10000 puffs or more.

Surprisingly, the Dual Mesh Tech is also designed with two vaping modes for a personalized vaping experience by simply turning the button on or off at the bottom of the WAKA soPro 10000.

Normal Mode (Button Off):

Heats e-liquid at 10.8W for a sustained draw of 10,000 Puffs or more.

Boost Mode (Button On):

With both coils activated simultaneously, you’ll get stronger flavour, more vapour, and higher nicotine satisfaction.

Powerful Battery

WaKa soPro PA10000 Powerful Battery

The 850mAh pure cobalt battery surpasses the battery capacity of most disposable vapes.

The superb battery life eliminates frequent recharging, making it suitable for users who vape outdoors for long periods.

The powerful battery device also reduces the number of battery cycles and extends the battery’s life.

Clear E-liquid & Battery Indicator

WaKa soPro PA10000 00 Clear E-Liquid And Battery Indicator

Another thoughtful design of the WAKA soPro 10000 is the clear e-liquid & battery indicator.

At the bottom of the front of WAKA soPro 10000, you can see the water drop shape and battery shape indicators, which show the status of the e-liquid and battery, respectively.

According to the indicator’s colour change, you can always judge the e-liquid & battery status to recharge your vape or buy a new WAKA vape in time.

Three-Colour Signal:

WAKA Vape 10000 Puffs green light: >70%
WAKA Vape 10000 Puffs blue light: 30% – 70%
WAKA Vape 10000 Puffs red light: <30%

Comprehensive Review About WAKA soPro 10000


WaKa soPro PA10000 Design

Judging by the WAKA soPro 10000 size, it is indeed larger than many vapes, making it impossible to hide it in your hand.

But with the 850mAh built-in battery and dual mesh coil design, the larger size is justifiable, which is understandable.

The WAKA soPro 10000 features the classic WAKA logo on the front, with the brand name and flavour name prominently on the side.

Black and corresponding flavour shades dominate the overall design of the casing.

The inner body is made of a shiny black shell, while the sides are colour-coordinated with bright colours for a high-end and luxurious look.


The WAKA soPro 10000 has a medium nicotine content of 3% (30mg/ml).

For newbies who have been vaping vapes for a while and intend to pursue a vaping experience with a higher nicotine concentration, the 3% nicotine content is an appropriate choice.

On top of that, the boost mode of the WAKA soPro 10000 increases nicotine satisfaction again and provides a stronger throat hit.

E-liquid Capacity

The WAKA soPro 10000’s 18ml e-liquid capacity is one of the best in disposable vapes. It even compares favourably to the e-liquid capacity of some pod vapes.

The large e-liquid capacity means that you can continue to use the vape for a long time without experiencing interruptions in your vaping experience after a short period.

Recharging Time

In a power emergency, you only need to charge the WAKA soPro 10000 using the USB Type-C charging cable.

It takes about 45 minutes to restore 80% of the battery’s charge and about an hour to recharge it fully.

However, if you’re new to vapes, it’s best to understand How To Recharge WAKA soPro PA10000 first.

WAKA 10000 Flavours

In WAKA 10000 puff instructions, we will discuss the product’s best flavours that many vapers are curious about.

WAKA soPro 10000 has more than 8 distinctive RELX flavours, and here I have listed the best 3 flavours for you.

relx waka sopro pa10000 grape ice

Grape Ice

With the rich grape flavour and the coolness of ice, each puff is like drinking a grape soda, refreshing and fruity.

Mango Peach

The tangy and creamy smoothness of mango blends perfectly with the slight sweetness of fresh peaches.

relx waka sopro pa10000 cherry pomegranate

Cherry Pomegranate

Sweet and tart juicy cherries and sweet, slightly tart pomegranate, this is a refreshing flavour that isn’t too sweet or too cloying.

The 3 best WAKA soPro PA10000 flavours are waiting for you!

Customer Review


Well-designed and ergonomic

8 months ago

Satisfies my cravings

8 months ago

Sleek design, impressive quality

8 months ago


Overall, the WAKA soPro 10000 is a high-performance, versatile RELX disposable vape worth checking out.

Suppose you’ve been tempted to get your own WAKA soPro 10000. You may consider buying it from RELX with our free and professional after-sales customer service and bulk buying discounts.

We hope this WAKA soPro 10000 review has been helpful, and happy vaping!


How much nicotine is in the Waka Vape 10000?

WAKA soPro PA10000 disposable vape nicotine content is 3% (30mg/ml).

Is the Waka disposable vape 10000 puffs any good?

The WAKA soPro PA10000 disposable vape features dual mesh tech, a large 18ml e-liquid capacity, and a powerful 850mAh battery, making it a reliable, high-performance disposable vape.

Are Waka disposable vapes safe?

Most of the WAKA soPro PA10000 disposable vape ingredients are commonly used daily and are relatively safe.

However, nicotine is an addictive ingredient, so please do not overuse it.

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