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WAKA VS IGET: The 4 Most Prominent Differences

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Which is better, the IGET vape that has taken Australia by storm or the rising vape star, WAKA Australia? Let’s focus on these four aspects in this WAKA vs IGET showdown:

  • Mission
  • Brand Positioning
  • Product Technology
  • Popular Series Comparison

Scroll down, and you’ll have an answer in your mind as to who is better.


Whether it’s IGET or WAKA, there’s no denying that they’re both leaders in the vape industry.

As a result, many vapers have begun to wonder, what makes them different? Who is the winner between them?

This article conducts a comprehensive analysis of the differences between IGET and WAKA to solve the doubts in your mind.


WAKA Vape Review


WAKA is a sub-brand established under license from RELX in 2021.

WAKA has earned customer recognition and won the prestigious vape award – the Vapouround Global Awards 2023 for exceeding EU standards and having a wide range of products.

Currently, WAKA Vapes Australia has over 12 unique product lines and over 200 popular vape flavours among vapers.

IGET Review

WAKA VS IGET: IGET Company Display

IGET was founded in 2017.

Based on the service concept of integrity-based, quality first, service first, and the pursuit of excellence, IGET have created a series of outstanding high-performance vapes.

IGET vapes meet international standards, meet international standards with CE, ROHS, FCC, TPD and ISO9001 certified, etc.

IGET is currently recognized by almost 80% of vapers in Australia.

WAKA VS IGET: Differences Between Them



WAKA’s mission is to take the lead on every last puff, making your vaping experience the best it can possibly be.

It demonstrates WAKA’s heat and determination to provide vapers with high-quality vapes and a comfortable vaping experience.


“Providing high-quality products and sharing the advanced atomization technology” is the mission of IGET.

It’s easy to see that IGET is committed to providing vapers with superior performance vapes and becoming a brand with international brand equity.

Brand Positioning


RELX has been focusing on pod vape development and pioneered fruit-flavoured vapes for the first time before establishing WAKA as a sub-brand.

The WAKA brand was born out of the growing desire of vapers to have convenient RELX disposable vapes.

As such, WAKA RELX’s brand positioning is that of a high-quality disposable vape for vapers worldwide.


IGET specializes in the development and manufacturing of disposable vape at its inception.

Its brand position is to provide disposable vape products for vapers, mainly serving the vaping community in Australia.

Currently, IGET has become one of the leading vape brands in Australia.

It has also started to produce vapes other than disposable vapes to meet the vaping needs of a wide range of vapers.

Product Technology


Thanks to the DUALMESH technology, the vapour cloud and the flavour intensity of RELX WAKA products are raised to extraordinary heights.

DUALMESH technology integrates an innovative airway structure with an intelligent MCU and increases the temperature of both coils by 35%.

The result is double the vapour cloud, double the flavour intensity and double the freshness duration.

IGET Hot Product Technology

Different IGET products may have slightly different product technologies.

For example, the IGET Hot features ceramic coils with high-end atomization technology that effectively and fully heats every drop of e-liquid.

At the same time, the particle fineness has been increased by 100%, and the intensity of the flavour has been increased by 35%.

WAKA soPro PA10000 vs IGET Bar PlusAppearance
orange kiwi waka sopro pa10000 disposable vape
IGET Bar Plus Display
Nicotine Content









Dual Mesh Coil


Mesh Coil


10000 Puffs


6000 Puffs













Key Features

WAKA soPro PA10000
  • Dual Mesh Tech
WAKA soPro PA10000 Dual Mesh Tech

The WAKA soPro PA10000 utilizes WAKA dual mesh 10000, which effectively heats the e-liquid and provides over 10,000 puffs to the vaper.

  • Two Vaping Modes
WAKA soPro PA10000 Two Vaping Modes

The button on the bottom of the WAKA disposable vape 10000 puffs allows you to adjust the vaping mode – normal mode or boost mode.

When the button is off, the vape is in normal mode, where it heats the e-liquid at 10.8W, providing a constant stream of rich vapour and flavour.

When the button is on, the vape is in boost mode. You can easily get double the rich RELX flavour, vapour and higher nicotine satisfaction.

  • Clear E-liquid & Battery Indicator
WaKa SoPro PA10000 00 Clear E-Liquid And Battery Indicator

The E-liquid & Battery Indicator is a thoughtful design of WAKA soPro 10000.

By observing the light colour of the two differently shaped indicators, you can easily determine the status of your e-liquid and battery.

Green Light: > 70%
Blue Light: > 30% – 70%
Red Light: < 30%
IGET Bar Plus
  • Interchangeable Pods
IGET Bar Plus Interchangeable Pods

The IGET Bar Plus consists of a pod in the upper part and a device in the lower part, and the pod is replaceable.

It means that when the pod runs out of e-liquid, you can go ahead and buy a new pod to connect to your device.

Experience different flavours without replacing your device (Provided your device is not damaged).

  • Mesh Coil
IGET Bar Plus Mesh Coil

The IGET Bar Plus utilizes a mesh coil inside.

The mesh coil design allows for a more even distribution of heat, which is conducive to the even heating of the e-liquid and prolongs the life of the coil.

Also, the mesh coil has a wider heating area, which can better transfer the flavour of the e-liquid and provide a more intense and pure flavour.


WAKA soPro PA10000 and IGET Bar Plus come in a wide selection of flavours.

We’ve picked the relatively popular flavours from the flavours shared by both products for a big competition, so let’s see if we can separate the winners from the losers!

3 WAKA 10000 Flavours
Grape Ice – RELX WAKA soPro PA10000 Puffs

Grape Ice

Slightly tart on the sweet side, the grape aroma takes over the entire mouth.

Ice Cola – RELX WAKA soPro PA10000 Puffs

Ice Cola

The flavour offers the coolness and ultimate effervescence of a classic cola!

Cherry Pomegranate – RELX WAKA soPro PA10000 Puffs

Cherry Pomegranate

Tart cherries temper the sweetness of the pomegranate, and the whole flavour is icy.

3 IGET Bar Plus Flavours
Grape Ice IGET Bar Plus

Grape Ice

Sweetness: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cooling: ⭐⭐⭐

The mint in this flavour delivers a strong, icy sensation with the richness of sweet and sour grapes.

Cola Ice IGET Bar Plus

Cola Ice

Sweetness: ⭐⭐⭐
Cooling: ⭐⭐⭐

This flavour is full of carbonated charm and a strong cola flavour!

Cherry Pomegranate IGET Bar Plus

Cherry Pomegranate

Sweetness: ⭐⭐
Cooling: ⭐⭐⭐

The sweetness of selected cherries blended with the fruity aroma of pomegranate is refreshing.

Without a doubt, Grape Ice, Cola Ice, and Cherry Pomegranate are the three best flavours.

However, even the same flavour is not exactly the same in terms of sweetness and iciness from one product line to the next.

Our RELX team tried and recorded three flavours of the above two products, showing a split in preferences.

Grape Ice

For this flavour, two-thirds preferred IGET Bar Plus’ Grape Ice flavour because it is more grapey and has a more layered sweetness than WAKA’s Grape Ice flavour.

One-third chose WAKA soPro PA10000’s Grape Ice because it was cooler!

Cola Ice

Almost most of the team members are fascinated by the Ice Cola flavour of WAKA soPro PA10000 because they really like the extreme coldness!

The Cola Ice flavour of IGET Bar Plus is also popular with a few people, as this flavour is sweeter and more suitable for sweet tooths!

Cherry Pomegranate:

Compared to IGET Bar Plus, WAKA soPro PA10000’s Cherry Pomegranate flavour is sweeter and more refreshing! Two-thirds of the team members voted for WAKA soPro PA10000.

However, one-third of the team members still preferred the Cherry Pomegranate flavour of IGET Bar Plus, which is not overly sweet and has a classic flavour.

You can make flavour choices based on these slight differences.

Which Is Better: WAKA Or IGET?

WAKA and IGET are two vape brands with impressive quality and technology. However, from a brand positioning perspective, they each have their strengths.

Compared to RELX WAKA, which has just started to develop disposable vapes, IGET has specialized in developing and producing disposable vapes since its establishment.

Therefore, the current IGET disposable vapes may be better than the WAKA.

On the other hand, WAKA, as a sub-label of RELX, which is famous for its pod vape production, has a high standard of pod vape production and quality.

So, IGET still needs to gain experience and improve its skills in pod vape production.


WAKA vs IGET, this exciting match has finally come to an end. I believe you have already decided who won and who lost.

If you want to know more about WAKA or buy WAKA products, we await you at RELX AU.


How much nicotine is in a WAKA?

Different models of WAKA vape may have different nicotine content.

  • WAKA soPro PA10000 – 3%(30mg/ml)
  • WAKA soPro DM8000i – 3%(30mg/ml)
  • WAKA soPro PA7000 – 2%/3%/5%

You can find out the nicotine content of a specific model through the product information.

How many cigarettes is equal to an IGET?

It depends on the puffs of the different models of IGET vape, and about 14 puffs equals one cigarette.

  • IGET Bar Plus(6000 Puffs) – 428 cigarettes.
  • IGET Bar(3500 Puffs) – 250 cigarettes
  • IGET Hot(5500 Puffs) – 392 cigarettes

What is the WAKA soPro nicotine content?

The WAKA vape 10000 nicotine content is 3%(30mg/ml).

What is the difference between the IGET Bar Plus and WAKA soPro PA10000?

The IGET Bar Plus is a cost-effective pod vape with interchangeable pods and a high-quality mesh coil to deliver up to 6,000 puffs to vapers.

The WAKA soPro PA10000 is an approved disposable vape with Dual Mesh Tech, two vaping modes, and an e-liquid & battery Indicator that delivers over 10000 puffs.

What are Australia’s best disposable vapes?

The IGET disposable vape is the first choice of 80% of vapers in Australia when they want to try a disposable vape.

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