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How To Refill RELX Pod?

How To Refill RELX Pod: 7 Simple Steps for Optimal Refilling

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Even though the RELX Pods are designed to be non-fillable, some friends wondering how to refill RELX Pod. So, we’ve provided this guide to help those who want to satisfy their curiosity but need to know how to get started! We explain 7 steps to refilling a RELX Vape Pod and what to look for.

  1. Open the shell of the pod
  2. Take out the rubber
  3. Clean the RELX Pod
  4. Refilling with e-liquid
  5. Reassemble the Pod RELX
  6. Clean up any spills
  7. Let pod rest

If you want to know how to refill the RELX pod, read on to find out exactly how.


RELX is a well-known brand in the vape industry. It is known for its advanced technology and stylish design and is popular with experienced and novice vape enthusiasts.

One of the most important components of RELX vapes is undoubtedly its RELX Pods.

While RELX offers a great capacity in pod volume(1.9ml), the e-juice does have to run out at some point.

Whether you choose to replace the pod or refill it, it would be best to consider whether refilling it is worth risking its structural integrity.

Are RELX Pods Refillable?

How To Refill RELX Pod: Are RELX Pods Refillable?

It is important to note that disposable RELX Pods are not designed to be reused or refilled for quality assurance purposes.

While RELX Vape Pods cannot be refilled, they offer many advantages over their refillable counterparts.

The convenience of avoiding spills, the consistency of flavour and nicotine strength, and the hygiene and portability factors make these disposable pods attractive to many e-cigarette users.

Is It Safe To Refill RELX Pods?

The filling process of the pod may cause skin or clothing to come into contact with the e-liquid, which can be harmful to people who are allergic to the e-liquid’s components.

Opening the pod can cause some pieces to come loose, and refilling it could harm its internal structure, impacting its functionality.

It is recommended to avoid attempting to refill the RELX Pod by yourself and instead follow the professional instruction tutorial if you have to refill it.

When To Refill Your RELX Pod?

How To Refill RELX Pod: When To ReFill Your RELX Pod?

When you start to notice a change in the flavour of your RELX Vape Pod, or if you’re not producing as much vapour as you usually do, it’s an indication that it’s time to refill it with e-liquid.

You can easily check the level of e-liquid left in the pod through a small window on the device.

As soon as you notice the level is low, it would help if you refilled it immediately to avoid burnt pod taste.

Some vapers prefer to refill their vape pods when they are halfway empty rather than waiting for them to run out completely.

Ultimately, when to refill your RELX Pod is a matter of personal preference.

However, we recommend that you refill them once the vapour and flavour begin to diminish.

If you’re unsure whether your RELX Pod is empty, look at our article:

👉 How To Know If RELX Pod Is Empty: 8 Key Signs

Things To Do Before Refilling The RELX Pod

Before filling or refilling a RELX Pod Vape, it is recommended that you turn off the device and, depending on the RELX vape device used, remove the pod from the RELX device.

This precaution ensures that any accidental spills during the process do not damage the device’s or its battery’s internal circuitry.

Tools and materials required:

How To Refill RELX Pod: Tools and materials required:
  • Cleaning paper towels
  • Pocket knife
  • A bottle of e-juice
  • Empty RELX Pods

How To Refill RELX Pod?

How To Refill RELX Pod
The following steps are the process of how to refill RELX Pod.
Open The Shell Of The Pod
How To Refill RELX Pod: Open The Shell Of The Pod.
  • Locate the rubber housing on the bottom of the RELX Pod. It is typically purple or light grey and easy to spot.
  • Removing the cover from the RELX Pods can be difficult. Gently prying the cover off with a knife may be helpful.
  • The RELX Pods have a plastic cover; gently place the knife on the edge of the cover and pry it loose. Be careful not to hurt your hand or crack the pod.
  • Grasp and open the rubber housing. You will see movement in the cover if you have completed the previous steps. Grab it with your hand and pull it outwards.
Take Out The Rubber
How To Refill RELX Pod: Take Out The Rubber.

Once you force the shell open, you should find a piece of translucent white rubber inside the pod.

Remove the rubber piece with your fingers or tweezers and store it in a dry, cool place.

Clean The RELX Pod
How To Refill RELX Pod: Clean The RELX Pod

Once you have removed the silicone cap, cleaning the RELX Pod and any remaining vape oil is important. You can use a paper towel to wipe off any residual oil from the pod carefully.

Then, follow the steps below to clean the pod properly:

  • Use a cotton swab soaked in topical alcohol.
  • Gently squeeze the swab to remove any excess alcohol
  • Thoroughly clean every contact point and corner in the pod.
Refilling With E-liquid
How To Refill RELX Pod: Refilling With E-liquid

Once the RELX Pod has been cleaned, place the e-liquid bottle into the fill hole and refill the cartridge with e-liquid. You can use salt vape oil or any other juice of your choice.

  • Keep in mind that different e-liquids behave differently. Some have a high concentration of nicotine and a strong viscosity, which means they move more slowly when poured.
  • If your pod produces thick clouds of vapour, it probably has a higher ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) to propylene glycol (PG).
  • Less VG means the liquid is thinner and flows out faster than expected. Ensure not to overfill and stop at 3/4 capacity to prevent potential leakage.
Reassemble The Pod RELX
How To Refill RELX Pod: Reassemble The Pod RELX

After filling the RELX Pod with e-liquid, it’s time to seal it. Place the silicone cover over the mouthpiece filled with 75% e-liquid, and then close the silicone cover.

  • Once you have closed the silicone sleeve, put the cap back on and press gently until you hear a “click”.
  • This sound will prove that the lid and smoke canister are closed, and the filling is complete.
Clean Up Any Spills
How To Refill RELX Pod: Clean Up Any Spills.

Wipe any excess e-juice with a paper towel or wet wipe to prevent stickiness. If left to sit, the liquid may condense and become sticky, so keep the pod as clean as possible.

Let Pod Rest
How To Refill RELX Pod: Let Pod Rest

Give the pod a few minutes to allow the e-juice to saturate the wick fully. This will help prevent dry hits and ensure a smoother smoking experience.

👉 We have a helpful guide on refilling RELX Infinity Pods if you want to learn more about it. Check it out!

Choosing The Right E-Liquid To Refill RELX Pods

How To Refill RELX Pod: Choosing The Right E-Liquid To Refill RELX Pods

Choose the best juice for RELX refillable that suits your Pod RELX Vape and vape habit. There are three important factors to consider when choosing an e-liquid: viscosity, nicotine strength, and flavour.

Viscosity is the thickness of the oil and can affect how efficiently it flows through the device and evaporates, which can impact your overall experience.
The nicotine strength of the e-liquid can have a significant impact on the power of the throat hit, so it’s important to choose the right level for your preferences.
Selecting the right RELX flavours is crucial to enjoying your vaping experience. Take your time to find a flavour that suits your taste buds and preferences.

Further reading:

For the best taste, use RELX Pods within the recommended dates. See details below:

Tips And Tricks To Refill RELX Pod

Avoid overfilling the container

Overfilling the container can lead to leaking or running out of e-liquid, so it’s best to control the refilling speed.

Cleaning the pods correctly after refilling

the e-liquid leakage can ruin the vape experience and, in severe cases, damage the RELX device.
In the meantime, cleaning the bottom of the tank once every two weeks is recommended. Paying attention to small details can extend the life of your vape.

Understand the potential consequences of refilling

Refilling the RELX Pod may result in certain risks, such as changes in vapour production, differences in flavour strength and accidental heating of the device. It is important to note that opening or tampering with the pod will void the warranty.


If you notice leaks, a burnt taste, or no vapour production from a filled RELX Pod, the pod is likely damaged or improperly refilled. At this point, it is recommended that you purchase a new RELX Pod from an officially authorised shop offering genuine RELX products and a 12-month after-sales guarantee.

Preservation Methods

Store the RELX Pod in a cool, dry place.
Store the e-juice away from children and pets.


Based on my vaping experience, I recommend purchasing official replacement RELX Vape Pods from the official website.

The disposable design prevents you from messing up your clothes or leaking.

Meanwhile, following the 7 steps above, you can grasp how to refill RELX Pod.

Suppose you encounter any difficulties or uncertainties during the filling process. You can always revisit the above points for comprehensive and clear guidance to ensure your hassle-free refilling journey.


Can I refill RELX Pod?

Please do not attempt to reuse or refill RELX Pods, as they are not designed for this purpose. Using a new and authentic RELX Pod for each use is recommended to ensure quality and safety.

What juice does RELX use?

RELX produces its proprietary e-liquid formula with strict quality control and high manufacturing standards. Ingredients include glycerol, propylene glycol, flavourings, and nicotine salts.

How do you load a RELX Pod?

To begin, take out the old RELX Pod from the device. Then, insert the pod into the chamber, ensuring that the airflow holes match the airflow slots on the device. After that, attach the mouthpiece and screw it on tightly.

How many puffs do you get out of a RELX Pod?

The RELX Pod has a capacity of 1.9-2ml and provides approximately 650 puffs.

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