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RELX Infinity Pod Leaking

6 Proven Steps To Solve RELX Infinity Pod Leaking


RELX Infinity Pod leaking may be infrequent, yet they are not exempt from happening to anyone. This article summarizes eight possible causes of your RELX Pod Pro leak and suggests solutions to help you resolve the issue.

  1. Check if the leak is condensation or e-liquid.
  2. Remove excess e-liquid
  3. Store correctly
  4. Use it correctly
  5. Check the pod for blockages and ensure it is inserted correctly.
  6. Replace the pod or device with a new one.

Read on to discover the common causes and how to avoid RELX Infinity Pod Leaking.


Despite the 11-channel labyrinth leak-proof design of RELX Pods Pro, leaks can still occur in certain circumstances. These leaks lead to damage to the device over time. If the e-liquid seeps into the device’s components, it can cause malfunctions or permanent damage. It’s essential to address any Pods RELX Infinity leaks promptly as soon as they occur to avoid these issues.

If you want to know how to avoid and fix Infinity Pod RELX leaks, the first thing to do is understand the manifestations of RELX Infinity Pods leaking. If you experience the following four things when using your Pod, then it is likely that it leaks:

Appearance of traces of e-liquid
Strong e-liquid flavour
Sticky touch
Sticky taste

Why Is My RELX Infinity Pod Leaking?

Improper use

Why Is My RELX Infinity Pod Leaking: Improper use

Although RELX devices and pods are designed to help prevent any leaks, leaks can still occur if your equipment is shaken vigorously, inverted, or used in extreme temperatures and air pressures.

If you vape while lying down frequently, leakage from your Infinity Pods RELX is higher. This is because the wick in this position does not absorb the oil properly, particularly if there is little liquid in the Pod.

However, even if you keep the RELX Infinity device in the correct vertical position, vaping too much for a short period can cause a leak. In this case, the wick will work properly, but the coil may not be able to vaporize all the juice inhaled into it.

Using pods for too long

Why Is My RELX Infinity Pod Leaking: using pods for too long

If you don’t replace your cartridges often enough, they may begin to leak

This is because the fibres in the wick will start to wear down and lose their ability to retain e-liquid.

When this happens, the e-liquid seeps in over time and has nowhere to go but straight out of your device.

Blocked or improperly installed pods

Why Is My RELX Infinity Pod Leaking: blocked or improperly installed pods

A blockage in the centre tube restricts airflow, and unvaporized e-liquid flows out through the nozzle or airflow holes.

Insufficient device power

An undercharged battery may not vaporize e-liquid sufficiently, which may cause excessive e-liquid to leak out of the atomizer chamber. Also, ensure you use your batteries for at least 90 days, as all batteries wear out with continued use.

Improper filling

Why Is My RELX Infinity Pod Leaking: improper filling

The RELX Infinity Pods are specifically crafted for single-use purposes and are not refillable or intended for reuse. 

The Pod should be disposed of once the e-liquid or battery is depleted. 

Trying to prolong the lifespan of your RELX Infinity Vape by manually opening and refilling the cartridge may lead to e-liquid spills and potential issues.

Dropping and breaking

Why Is My RELX Infinity Pod Leaking: dropping and breaking
  • Dropping: Accidental drops can lead to breakage of the internal parts of the vape, and the oil may flow into the atomizer, coils or even the battery, causing leakage.
  • Breakage: Damage usually occurs when the vape is hit, such as when it accidentally hits the corner of a table. This can cause the mouthpiece to fall off the main body of the vape, which can lead to e-juice leaking out of the fracture.

Buying a fake RELX Infinity pod

Why Is My RELX Infinity Pod Leaking: buying a fake relx infinity pod

Regulatory agencies do not regulate the production of the Fake RELX Infinity Pods Australia. In addition, the storage of vape oils and the structure of the equipment have not been tested for safety, and there is a high risk of leakage.

We recommend that you purchase from an officially authorized store.

How To Deal With A RELX Infinity Pod Leaking?

How To Deal With A RELX Infinity Pod Leaking?
We present six solutions to address the RELX Pod leaking issues mentioned earlier. Please read further for more details.
Check If The Leak Is Condensation Or E-liquid.
RELX Infinity Pod Leaking: Check If the leak is condensation or e-liquid

To check, wipe the leak with a white paper towel or your finger. Condensate is a dark brown liquid, while vape oil is a light yellow liquid.

  • If it is an e-liquid, you wipe off the liquid before inserting it into the unit.
  • To deal with condensation, frequently wipe the joint between the container and the rod with a paper towel. Then, gently swing the Pod downward to shake out the accumulated condensation.
Remove Excess E-liquid
Remove excess e-liquid

Disconnect the Pod from the battery first, place a piece of paper towel on the bottom of the container, and then gently blow through the mouthpiece a couple of times to squeeze the excess e-liquid out onto the paper towel. Finally, re-insert the Pod and try again.

Store Correctly
Store correctly
  • Avoid sunlight and heat: Move the RELX Infinity Device to a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Avoid humid environments: For example, do not place it in the kitchen or toilet, where water can easily accumulate and damage the RELX Infinity vape.
  • Avoid high-pressure environments: for example, do not take your vape on an aeroplane.
Use It Correctly
use it correctly
  • Don’t lie down and smoke your vape: this will cause the e-liquid to back up.
  • Hold the RELX Infinity Device straight or upright: Do not place your vape upside down or horizontally to prevent e-liquid leakage.
  • Maintain a balanced smoking time and intensity: Holding it for 2-3 seconds at a time is a good frequency.
  • Don’t shake or crack it.
  • Avoid dropping it on the ground.
Check The Pod For Blockages And Ensure It Is Inserted Correctly
Check the pod for blockages and ensure it is inserted correctly

Magnetic locks connect RELX Pods Pro and Infinity RELX Device. When inserted accurately, the Pod slides easily and secures the device.

Replace The Pod Or Device With A New One.
Replace the pod or device with a new one

When you receive your Infinity Pod, which leaks due to improper shipping, you can promptly contact vape customer service for a new RELX Infinity Pod replacement.

If you accidentally damage the Infinity Pod or have a leak for personal reasons, you can purchase a new Infinity RELX Pod.

You can purchase genuine RELX products and receive professional after-sales support from the official authorised store RELX Australia, ensuring a worry-free shopping experience.

Tips To Prevent RELX Pods Pro Leakage

RELX Pods Pro and Infinity device
Avoid exposing cartridges to extreme temperatures.
Avoid Altitude Changes
Keeping it in a box
Keep it fully charged.
Cleaning your Vape RELX Infinity


To summarize, various factors can lead to RELX Infinity Pod leaking. Now, do you know how to fix Leaking RELX Pod Pro?

By reading this blog, you can familiarize yourself with these causes and take appropriate measures to resolve the leak.


How many puffs are in a RELX Infinity Pod?

Depending on the amount of personal use, the RELX Infinity Pod can take approximately 300 ~ 600 puffs.

Is RELX Infinity leak-proof?

The RELX Pod Pro offers enhanced leakage protection.

How to use RELX Infinity Pods

To use the RELX Infinity Pods, insert a pod into the battery and inhale through the mouthpiece. The Relx Vape automatically heats the e-liquid and produces vapour to enjoy.

Is RELX Infinity good?

With super-smooth technology and a dual-charging design, the Infinity is a great choice for beginners and transitioning smokers. It’s easy to use and offers many nicotine strengths and flavours.

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