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RELX Infinity Australia

RELX Infinity

RELX Australia offers RELX Infinity products with Leak-resistant Maze and ergonomic design, including RELX Pods and RELX Devices.

RELX Infinity Pod Flavours

Experience the pleasure of vaping with the RELX Infinity Pod.

Best RELX Infinity Device

The RELX Infinity Device comes in numerous colors such as Red, Gold, Sky Blush, and Arctic Mist.

FAQ About RELX Infinite

How many cigarettes is equal to a RELX pod?

21 – 42 cigarette is equal to a RELX pod.

This is because a RELX pod provides about 300 – 600 puffs, whereas a cigarette equals about 14 puffs.

How long can RELX Infinity last?

A RELX Infinity can last 1 – 2 days (300-600 Puffs), but actual usage time varies by individual vaping habits.

How long should I charge my Infinity Charging Case?

The RELX Infinity Charging Case (1500mAh) will be recharged in 90 -120 minutes.

Charging your vape before it runs out of power can help extend RELX Infinity battery life.

Is RELX Infinity good?

Yes, RELX vape is good at performance, flavour, quality, tech, and smart features, outshining many vapes.

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