RELX Infinity



The winner of the Red Dot 2020

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RELX Infinity – Smooth as a breeze


1) The Infinity device and the RELX Pod Pro are sold separately.

2) Classic RELX pods cannot be used in Infinity.


Red Dot Winner 2020 – Super smooth performance:

Pleasant temperature – <55 ° C steam temperature

Quiet use – <10 dB inhalation noise

Optimized tensile strength – ± 0.4 kPa tolerance

Abundant vapour – 6-7.5 mg total weight of each puff

Fast and sensitive activation – s 0.2s to activate the nebulizer

Made possible by 2 technologies:

Air amplification – negative pressure always designed

Active-Steam Pro – Constant and balanced atomization

Leak-resistant labyrinth:

Safe, even in flight – 11 structural layers prevent internal leakage and condensation and ensure a safer vaping experience.


Moulded to Your Lips – Rigorous consumer testing has been carried out to prevent air leakage and ensure a comfortable inhalation feeling

Dual charging system:

Just click on your RELX Infinity without the need for charging cables.

In addition, the dual charging system has an asymmetrical USB-C connection.

Other features:

Rounded edges – comfortable to hold

Slim-fit charging case

Symmetrical sleeves

Intelligent pace vibration alarm

A + Tritan ™ plastic

CE RoHS certification

LED light – colour-coded

Short circuit protection

Aluminium unibody

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Additional information

Infinity Colors

Black, Deep Blue, Gold, Red, Silver, Sky Blush