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RELX Alpha vs Infinity

RELX Alpha VS Infinity: An In-Depth Comparison

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When people consider switching to vaping, one of the common things they end up searching for is a comparison of RELX Alpha vs Infinity.

You’ve landed at the right place if you are torn between RELX Alpha or RELX Infinity Devices, as we’ll give a comprehensive comparison in the following aspects:

  • Appearance & Aesthetics
  • Leak-resistant Design
  • Compatible Pods & Pod Capacity
  • Charging System
  • Indicator Light
  • Vibrate Notification
  • Vaping Experience

Read on for detailed information on the RELX Alpha vs Infinity discussion!


RELX Alpha vs Infinity RELX Alpha Device
RELX Alpha Device

Offering specifications similar to the Classic, the RELX Alpha is compact and lightweight, with strikingly attractive designs. With its advanced technical support, it introduced unique α-shaped ring airways and draw-resistance features to ensure an improved flavour rendering.

RELX Alpha vs Infinity RELX Infinity device
RELX Infinity device

The RELX 4th generation vaping product – RELX Infinity, was built for the best possible vaping experience with its dual charging system and signature leak-resistant maze. Compatible with pre-filled RELX Infinity Vape Pods and RELX Infinity 2 Pods, it has more than 30 coveted flavours to satisfy your taste buds.

An Overview Of RELX Alpha VS Infinity

RELX Alpha VS RELX Infinity
RELX Alpha vs Infinity RELX Alpha
RELX Alpha vs Infinity RELX Infinity

112 mm x 23 mm x 10 mm


112 mm x 23 mm x 10 mm

Battery Capacity




Battery Indicator
Charging Duration
SmartPace Feature
Draw activated
Draw activated
Compatible Pods
RELX Alpha Pods
Infinity Pod
Infinity 2 Pod
E-Liquid Capacity
Charging Type
Mainstream USB-C
Mainstream USB-C & RELX Charging Case
Puff Experience
Not bad
Puffs Per Pod
About 500 puffs
About 600 puffs

RELX Alpha VS Infinity: Comprehensive Comparison

  • Appearance & Aesthetics
RELX Alpha vs Infinity appearance & aesthetics

The streamlined oval shape of RELX Alpha with a narrow, angular waistline displays a breathtaking oriental aesthetic. Two dotted circles of LED lights up front will light up every inhale. The ergonomic mouthpiece is very comfortable on the lips.

With rounded edges and a symmetrical pod, the RELX Infinity is sleek enough to be your best all-day companion. One side features the RELX branding, and the other has a small round light that will light up as you vape and indicate the battery level.

Conclusion: If designs with an oriental aesthetic attract you, the RELX Alpha is for you, while the RELX Infinity Device is your best bet if a modern look is your thing.

  • Leak-resistant Design
RELX Alpha vs Infinity leak-resistant design

You’ll notice that the leak-proof design varies from different RELX Devices. That’s because RELX constantly improves its technology to provide users with a hassle-free vaping experience.

To provide users with a hassle-free vaping experience, RELX has been promoting its first product and has released the RELX Alpha. Its unique α-shaped airways reduce the risk of juice leakage.

As additional protection, structural improvements, including condensation-trapping airway wall, reinforced bottom, and double liquid silicone rings, will drastically prevent leakage.

The RELX 4th generation has learned from the experience of RELX’s predecessors and has made great strides in the leak-proof design. Each vape pen features an 11-layer labyrinth structure to prevent internal leaks and condensation. You will enjoy a more secure vaping experience even in flight.

Conclusion: RELX Infinity’s upgraded leak-proof design is superior. So go for it to avoid e-liquid leakage as much as possible.

  • Compatible Pods & Pod Capacity
RELX Alpha vs Infinity compatible pods & pod capacity

RELX Alpha Pods are proprietary pods specially designed for RELX Alpha. They come with 17 coveted pre-filled flavour pods containing 1.6ml of salt e-liquid. Internally, the RELX Alpha Pod deploys the 4th Generation honeycomb atomizer to deliver ultra-smooth vapour and richer flavours.

Compatible pods for RELX Infinity are RELX Infinity Pods and RELX Pro Pods. Since the RELX Infinity adapts to two types of pods, many RELX Vape flavours are available. With a 1.9ml pre-filled e-liquid, RELX Infinity can provide a capacity of up to 600 puffs per device, depending on your usage pattern.

Conclusion: RELX Infinity suits you better than RELX Alpha if you like experimenting with more flavours and enjoying longer vaping sessions.

  • Charging System
RELX Alpha vs Infinity charging system

The rechargeable nature of RELX Alpha and Infinity makes them the perfect all-day vape to provide vaping sessions. However, they have slightly different charging systems.

With a built-in 380mAh battery, RELX Alpha has a charging port at the bottom that supports USB Type-C charging. It takes about 45 minutes to charge it fully.

Conversely, while the RELX Infinity battery is 380mAh, it has a dual charging system. You can charge it with USB Type-C plugged into the charging port on the bottom or place the device into the charging case RELX without charging cables.

Conclusion: Considering the charging time, the ultra-fast charging speeds that the RELX Infinity offers will make it a preferable option for many vapers.

  • Indicator Light
RELX Alpha vs Infinity indicator light

RELX equipped the Alpha and Infinity with LED indicators to make them even more user-friendly. However, the frequent flashing of the two models has different meanings.

The LED indicator of Alpha lights up when you vape and goes out when you stop smoking. When the battery balance is less than 30%, the LED flashes red, while it flashes 10 times when the power of 10% is below.

The RELX Infinity Device has the following 3 common flashing light scenarios:

  1. White LED – Regular Use
  2. Red Slow Flash – Low power
  3. Red light flashes 10 times – No power

The indicator shows the device’s power level, so you don’t have to find your vape low on power and unable to smoke on the go.

Conclusion: Although the flashing lights of these two models have different meanings, they’re undeniably user-friendly vapes.

  • Vibrate Notification
RELX Alpha vs Infinity vibrate notification

Although vibration is not an essential function for vapes, it is a thoughtful feature for smokers trying to monitor their consumption.

The proprietary SmartPace Vibration of RELX Alpha notifies users when usage reaches 15 puffs within 10 minutes and when the pod is inserted.

The RELX Infinity’s SmartPace Vibrate Alert functions when you hit it 15 times within 15 minutes and when the pod is firmly connected to the device.

Conclusion: The vibration feature on both models is great for those who want to control their vaping.

  • Vaping Experience

The RELX Alpha also has an excellent design – the draw-resistance function. Its enlarged interior airways simulate a 95% draw resistance, similar to puffing on a real cigarette, making it a top choice for seasoned smokers.

Also, its distinctive α-shaped ring airways and upgraded honeycomb atomizer enhance flavour rendering and smooth vapour texture.

In comparison, the RELX Infinity is friendly to newbies and veteran smokers alike. Its upgraded technologies, including Air Boost and Active-steam Pro, allow for constant and balanced atomizing.

Conclusion: The smooth vaping experience and purer, richer taste make Infinity a more popular choice among vapers.

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RELX Alpha’s unique α-shaped, enlarged ring airways and draw-resistance feature make it stand out, offering an enhanced, improved flavour rendering. As it’s more similar to puffing on a traditional cigarette, it is the way to go for vapers who are looking for the vaping experience of conventional cigarettes.

On the other hand, RELX’s 4th generation – Infinity Device draws on the best of its predecessors and stands out for its dual charging system, upgraded leak-proof maze, and a wide range of flavours, making it a perfect choice for most vapers. The smooth vaping experience is also friendly to novices.

But overall, the RELX Infinity is smarter and leaps and bounds have dramatically improved, making it a better performer. Therefore, if you want to try a RELX, the RELX Infinity is an ideal place to start.

RELX Near Me

Now that you know the comparison of the RELX Alpha vs Infinity and where they excel, you must have made your choice and can’t wait to buy one for your next vaping sessions.

You can buy RELX devices at convenience stores or order at the RELX Website for fast delivery to your door.


Can RELX Infinity use RELX Classic Pods?

No. The RELX Infinity Device only applies to RELX Infinity Pods and RELX Infinity 2 Pods.

If you want to know more about RELX Infinity, RELX Infinity Review will give you detailed information.

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