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6 steps to verify RELX Infinity fake vs real

6 Steps To Verify RELX Infinity Fake VS Real

Quick Guide

Whether you are an experienced vaper or recently switched to the vape world, you know how important it is to distinguish between RELX Infinity fake vs real.

Follow these six steps to check whether your device is an authentic product if you don’t know what to do:

  • Check The Price
  • Spot The Difference Of Its Package
  • Scan The Anti-counterfeiting Labels
  • Identify The Appearance Of The Device
  • Test Its Performance During Usage
  • Place The Device In The Charging Case

Want to see exactly how to tell if your vape is authentic? Just keep reading!


RELX Infinity fake vs real

RELX Infinity is an innovative product that delivers a premium, safer vaping experience with rich vapour and high performance. Its secure leak-resistant maze design and dual charging system ensure long vaping sessions.

However, using a fake device not only prevents you from enjoying an enhanced vaping experience, but it could also be harmful to your health. This post will teach you six simple steps to distinguish the RELX Infinity fake vs real.

RELX Infinity Fake VS Real Vape: How To Verify

6 simple steps to avoid counterfeit products
The counterfeit products will always differ from genuine ones in some design details. Please take out your RELX Infinity and follow the steps to inspect it now.
Scan The Counterfeiting QR Code
RELX Infinity fake vs new scan the counterfeiting qr code

You can find an anti-counterfeiting QR code developed by RELX at the bottom of the package. Use your smartphone’s camera to scan it. There will be a page showing the identification result.

Input The Serial Number
RELX Infinity fake vs new input the serial number

A row of serial numbers is also visible beneath the QR code at the bottom of RELX’s packaging. Entering it into the official website and its identification page will tell you whether your device is genuine.

Check The Price
RELX Infinity fake vs real check the price

This step needs to be done before buying. Fake RELX means that the producer will pursue something other than high-quality products.

Instead, they produce devices with inferior materials, batteries, and poor designs and offer the lowest prices to attract customers. This explains why fake or counterfeiting products are often cheaper.

Therefore, check where you’re going to purchase the device thoroughly. For example, whether the contact details are active and the authorised distributor status is available.

Check The Package
RELX Infinity fake vs real check the package

The outer packaging of the genuine RELX Infinity has clear lines, centred and appropriately sized fonts, and has the official RELX logo on the top left.

In some cases, devices sold in different countries will adjust their packaging, such as labels written in the local language.

Identify The Appearance Of The Device
RELX Infinity fake vs real identify the appearance of the device

Open the inner package box, and you will find a darker-coloured RELX Infinity with a sleek, minimalist, and modern design.

The RELX screen is printed on one side, an LED indicator on the other, and two small air inlets on the sides.

You can also identify authenticity by checking the brand logo on the device. The symbols on fake RELX devices are blurry and bigger than genuine ones. Some counterfeit devices even have printing errors.

Test Its Performance During Usage
RELX Infinity fake vs real test its performance during usage

Try vaping with your RELX Infinity to check its performance.

If you notice any e-liquid leakage, hard inhalation, or inability to produce vapour during vaping, it could be because you have bought a fake RELX device.

Place The Device In The Charging Case
RELX Infinity fake vs real place the device in the charging case

One of the best things about the RELX Infinity is that it charges with Type-C and adapts to the RELX portable charger.

If the indicator light does not respond when placed in the original charging case, you may have a fake RELX Infinity.

Why You Should Stay Away From Fake RELX Infinity

  • Poor Vaping Experience

Since a RELX pod is not included, you must place a separate order for one or more pods if you purchase only one device.

However, if you buy a fake device, the pod will not be able to fully articulate with it, thus preventing you from activating the device to enjoy a satisfying smoking experience.

  • Waste Of Money

I don’t have to tell you that you’ll end up discarding the fake RELX Infinity due to its lack of warranty and fitment with the original Infinity Pods RELX.

  • Hazard To Safety

We advise carefully choosing products that might affect your health and safety since the genuine RELX device has been identified, analyzed, and deemed safe for human consumption, while the fake one is usually not FDA-approved.

How To Deal With The Fake RELX Infinity

  • Request for returns.

When you’ve bought a fake device, please seek after-sales service immediately and ask for an exchange or reimbursement. Remember to file a customer service complaint to protect your interests.

  • Report faulty products.

If you suspect you’ve purchased a counterfeit or pirated product, notify the brand owner and report unsafe products to the local Consumer Product Safety Commission.

  • Recycling of counterfeiting products.

Finally, please dispose of it responsibly to avoid polluting the environment.

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Due to the popularity of RELX among vapers, the market is inevitably filled with shoddy products trying to deceive customers.

Therefore, it is important to learn how to verify RELX. Before deciding, always buy from RELX’s official website or a RELX authorised dealer.

When you get the RELX Infinity, Scan the QR or input the RELX authentication code on the official website to check its authenticity first. You can also check its package and the device.

When you use it for vaping, keep an eye on its functioning to see if it’s working properly. Read the RELX Infinity Vape review to check more comprehensive and detailed information if you are interested.

Seek after-sales service first if something is wrong, such as e-liquid leakage. Unfortunately, if you buy a fake RELX, you have the legal right to a refund and report the seller for fraud.


Where is the serial number of RELX?

The serial number of RELX is at the bottom of the package.

How do I know my RELX is real?

You can use your smartphone to scan the anti-counterfeiting labels developed by RELX or input the serial code on the official website to check its authenticity.

How long can RELX Infinity last?

The built-in 380mAh battery can last 2-4 days or longer, depending on your vaping habit and usage pattern.

Is RELX Infinity good?

Yes, RELX Infinity is great for beginners and transitioning smokers due to its convenience, flexibility, and nicotine options.

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