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why is your RELX Vape not charging

Why Is Your RELX Vape Not Charging: 5 Potential Causes

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Since the RELX Compatible Device is built to last and is rechargeable, it is normal to develop problems after the usual wear and tear, such as charging issues.

If you’ve found your RELX Vape not charging, you are in the right place. This article will show you 5 potential causes of it:

  • Damaged cables
  • Dirty charging points
  • Faulty power source
  • Failed batteries
  • Overheating device

Keep reading if your RELX won’t charge, and discover the steps to fix it.


RELX Vape not charging

Compatible with a delectable Infinity Pod RELX, the RELX Vape is powered by a built-in battery and is chargeable via USB-C. It is an easy-to-use device that is perfect for seasoned vapers and beginners.

However, despite the convenience of its rechargeable nature, the charging issue that comes along with it needs to be clarified for many users.

If you need some insight into possible reasons why is your RELX Vape not charging, we’ll show you 5 common causes and solutions for it.

The following instructions are all based on the RELX Infinity Device as an example. Now, read on.

5 Common Causes Of RELX Not Charging

  • Damaged cables
RELX Vape not charging damaged cables

After you purchase the RELX Infinity, you will find a device kit in the box and a USB-C cable for fast charging. Charging your device is as simple as plugging it into the provided cable.

Therefore, a problem may arise from the damaged cable, and the RELX won’t charge if you find the RELX not blinking when charging.

When your cable is bent or folded too much, it could become frayed and unusable. A common example would be folding the charging line multiple times to put it in a small pocket and just leaving it for a long time.

In addition, placing it in a high-temperature condition can also lead to a damaged cable.

  • Dirty charging points
RELX Vape not charging dirty charging points

The vape charger needs to connect properly with your unit for charging. Sometimes, the reason why RELX Vape not charging is because there is lint, dust, or dried e-juice in the connector or the charging port at the bottom of the device.

If it has impurities, use a microfiber cloth to remove the foreign objects gently. Or you can use another charging cable to see if charging works.

  • Faulty power source
RELX Vape not charging faulty power source

Another common cause of RELX Infinity not charging is that the problem doesn’t lie in the charger and the device but is caused by the power source.

Some chargers have a built-in safety feature that keeps them from operating if the wall socket doesn’t provide a steady power supply.

It is hard to see whether the lines behind the wall are cut or physically damaged (and dangerous to do it!). At this point, you can plug your vape charger into a different socket to check if the RELX charging indicator light is on.

  • Failed batteries
RELX Vape not charging failed batteries

Regarding the charging issues, damaged batteries are common causes for the RELX device not charging. The capacity of the RELX battery is 380mAh, delivering extremely good usage time.

However, damage can happen when it suffers from physical harm, such as a fall from a height or water ingress inside the device.

At the same time, heat has always been the enemy of batteries, as heat can stimulate certain harmful reactions within the battery. Leaving the RELX Infinity in the sun for a long time or placing it in the computer ventilation airway will result in a failed battery.

  • Overheating device
RELX Vape not charging overheating device

In addition to the extreme temperatures, your vaping habit can also affect the lifespan of the RELX Vape battery.

The built-in battery will be activated with every puff you take. Therefore, if sharp, frequent inhalation is your thing, the RELX device will keep functioning, leading to a risk that the heat generated by the battery can’t be expelled in time and resulting in RELX not charging.

4 Solutions To RELX Vape Not Charging

Simple steps to fix it
Infinity features an LED light that indicates different conditions of your vape device. RELX blinking white while charging suggests that your vape is charging properly.
However, suppose you can’t get any response from the indicator light during the charging process. In that case, you can troubleshoot the causes mentioned above and fix the vape based on the solutions we provide below.
Plug into a different socket.

If the wires behind the wall socket are damaged or can’t provide a stable power supply, it is dangerous to try to charge your vape with it.

Therefore, it is recommended to plug your vape charger into a different socket.

RELX Vape not charging plug into a different socket
Clean the connectors.

It is possible that dust, dirt, or foreign objects are obstructing the charging points, leading to poor contact between the charger and the power supply.

Clean them using a cotton ball or dry tissue to clean your vape gently. Also, making it a habit to clean the RELX Infinity occasionally is advisable.

RELX Vape not charging clean the connectors
Cool down your device.

If you’re vaping with RELX frequently and the unit is noticeably hot, stop smoking to allow it to rest for a while.

Also, we recommend that after taking a puff, don’t rush to puff another one. Just take your time to enjoy your favourite RELX Vape flavour dancing on your tongue.

RELX Vape not charging cool down your device
Consult with RELX customer support.

When you find your RELX Vape not charging, you should contact RELX customer service for help as soon as possible and check if the after-sales warranty is available.

RELX Vape not charging consult with relx customer support
Buy a new charging product.

If you see any damage to the metal parts, especially on the inside, don’t try fixing it. Buying a new RELX charger cable is a much easier and simpler solution.

Or you can use the RELX portable charger, which allows you to place the device simply in the case and charge it without hassles.

RELX Vape not charging buy a new charging product

How To Maintain Your RELX Vape?

  • Avoid overcharging

Overcharging can cause serious damage to the battery, resulting in a shortened lifespan. This is also the most common cause of the RELX Vape not charging.

Therefore, you should unplug the charger in time when the RELX Infinity is fully charged (about 45-60 minutes).

  • Use in moderation

Frequent activation of RELX Vape may not only cause it to overheat, but it may also fail to consume the e-juice. Therefore, give your device enough time to be ready for the next vaping session when you take a puff.

  • Store it in proper condition.

Extreme temperatures can take a toll on batteries, resulting in the RELX Infinity not charging. We recommend you keep it in a cool, dry place to avoid humidity, overheating, and physical damage.

  • Make it a habit to clean your device.

The mouthpiece, air inlets, and charging port are places where dust can easily fall in. Making a habit of cleaning your RELX Vape from time to time will help keep it maintained in good condition.


RELX Vape not charging is not unsolvable since all it needs may be an easy fix. We are sure that after reading this article, you already know how to solve the problem of RELX not charging. Don’t forget to take good care of your device.

But if your RELX Infinity still won’t charge or has suffered irreparable damage, don’t bother to fix it. Buying a new one at the RELX Online Store is much easier.


How do I fix RELX not charging?

Ensure the charging port is clean. Use a new charging cable or plug it into another wall socket to see if it works.

If the RELX still won’t charge, please consult customer service for assistance.

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