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RELX Infinity 2 vs Infinity Plus

RELX Infinity 2 VS Infinity Plus: Which Is Your Best Companion

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Compared to the RELX Infinity Plus (RELX Phantom), the RELX Infinity2 Device is a revolutionary innovation offering new and improved features.

If you’re having a hard time deciding between the two or wondering which is better suited for your next vaping sessions, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to provide an in-depth comparison of the RELX Infinity 2 VS Infinity Plus in the following aspects:

  • Power Setting
  • Atomisation Technology
  • Indicator Light
  • Battery
  • Charging System
  • Charging Time
  • Vaping Experience

Read on to check the detailed information and help choose the best device.


Seasoned vapers know how important it is to find a device that offers both style and performance, and RELX Infinity sets a new standard for excellence.

As an upgraded version, the RELX Infinity Plus continues the high-performance design and high-quality vaping experience of the RELX Infinity. It adds more user-friendly designs to serve smokers better.

RELX Infinity 2 vs Infinity Plus Infinity Plus

👉 Bright Spot:

  • 11-layer labyrinth structure to prevent leakage
  • 4-grid scale power light for easy checking of power level

The RELX Infinity 2 (the 6th generation) builds on this foundation by innovatively utilising more advanced technology to make revolutionary changes that have many smokers raving.

RELX Infinity 2 vs Infinity Plus RELX Infinity 2

👉 Bright Spot:

  • 3 power levels to customise exclusive vaping modes
  • Rechargeable, long-lasting battery capacity

RELX Infinity 2 VS Infinity Plus: Comprehensive Comparison

RELX Infinity 2 VS Infinity Plus
RELX Infinity 2 vs Infinity plus Infinity 2 device
RELX Infinity 2 vs Infinity Plus Infinity Plus device
Compatible Pod
Infinity Pod
Infinity 2 Pod
Infinity Pod
Infinity 2 Pod
E-Liquid Capacity
Battery Capacity
Battery Indicator
Charging Type
Mainstream USB-C
Mainstream USB-C
Charging Duration
SmartPace Feature
Power Adjustable
  • Eco Mode (Green Light)
  • Smooth Mode (Blue Light)
  • Boost Mode (Purple Light)

RELX Infinity 2 VS Infinity Plus: The Similarities

RELX Infinity 2 vs Infinity Plus the similarities


  • Appearance: Featuring a stylish pen-shaped vape, symmetrical pods, and ergonomic mouthpieces, the RELX Infinity 2 and Infinity Plus are compact and convenient, providing a satisfying experience on the go.
  • Charging Port: Because these devices are rechargeable, they have an angular charging port on the bottom that supports Type-C charging. However, they aren’t compatible with the RELX portable charger because they don’t have Pogo pins.
  • Compatible Pods: RELX Infinity 2 and Infinity Plus are consistent with the RELX Infinity Pod and RELX Infinity 2 Pod.


  • Auto-draw Feature: The Infinity 2 and Infinity Plus allow devices to automatically activate when inhaling from the mouthpiece without pressing any buttons, making the devices smarter and the vaping experience better.
  • SmartPace Feature: This functionality delivers a vibration alert if you’ve taken 15 puffs in 15 minutes or less, making the vaping experience safer.
  • Coil System: Both vapes have ceramic coils to boost flavours and provide a smoother vaping experience.

RELX Infinity 2 VS Infinity Plus: The Differences

Now that you know the similarities between the RELX Infinity Plus VS Infinity 2, you must be curious about their differences. Understanding these differences is important in helping you choose the best device.

  • Power Setting
RELX Infinity 2 vs Infinity Plus power setting

What RELX Infinity 2 really excels in is that it has an adjustable power setting that allows you to switch different vaping modes. With a simple click of the black button on the side, you can choose Boost Mode, Smooth Mode, or Eco Mode to suit your vaping habit better and customise your usage pattern.

On the other hand, the Infinity Plus, like the Infinity, does not have an adjustment power feature, so you can only vape in the given vaping mode.

  • Battery
RELX Infinity 2 vs Infinity Plus battery

Regarding the battery, the Infinity Plus has a 380mAh capacity, greatly extending battery life. Typically, a fully-charged Infinity Plus will last for 2-3 days before needing to be recharged again (depending on individual usage habits).

There are bound to be vapers still unsatisfied with this, and the same goes for RELX Infinity. Therefore, as the latest version, the Infinity 2 has a 440mAh battery and a 130% faster charging speed. That means you’ll enjoy longer vaping sessions without worrying about the battery dying quickly or spending a lot of time waiting for it to finish charging.

The RELX Phantom red light indicates that the device is low on power, just like the Infinity 2.

  • Charging Time
RELX Infinity 2 vs Infinity Plus charging time

Although the RELX Infinity 2 and Infinity Plus support charging, they have subtle differences.

The RELX Infinity 2’s battery life is impressive, and its improved ultra-fast charging speed allows the device to be fully charged within 27 minutes. Say goodbye to frequent charging and enjoy uninterrupted vaping sessions!

In contrast, the Infinity Phantom charging time is longer. Due to the relatively small capacity of the 380mAh battery, it’ll take about 45 minutes to set. Yet, this is not an issue because everybody charges their RELX device at least once daily.

  • Atomisation Technology
RELX Infinity 2 vs Infinity Plus atomisation technology

Again, both models are equipped with ceramic coils. However, due to the revolutionary updates, the RELX Infinity 2 adjustable power setting offers three vaping modes, which affect the puff counts and the taste.

For example, when you select Boost Mode (purple light) by clicking the side button, the device will atomise the e-liquid at 8W power, delivering a richer taste and producing bigger, denser vapour. However, the puff counts will be lower than the other two modes, as it’ll consume more e-liquid.

The Infinity Plus, on the other hand, doesn’t have vaping modes to choose from. So you can only use it according to the given smoking mode. Depending on your vaping habits and usage frequency of use, an Infinity Plus can provide a capacity of up to 400 puffs.

  • Leak-proof Design
RELX Infinity 2 vs Infinity Plus leak-proof design

The Infinity 2 has an intelligent leak-resistant mechanism that prevents e-liquid leakage and ensures a clean vaping experience. Moreover, the RELX Infinity 2 Pod was honoured as the Best Closed Pod System at the prestigious 2023 Vapouround Global Awards, thanks to its upgraded silicone plug that guarantees leak-proof performance.

But the Infinity Plus isn’t far behind. It features an innovative maze coil design comprising an 11-layer labyrinth structure, effectively preventing internal leaks and condensation to provide a worry-free vaping experience.

  • Indicator Light
RELX Infinity 2 vs Infinity Plus indicator light

The Infinity Plus features a 4-level bar power light design that can be lit up individually, so you can clearly see how much battery is left, as each bar represents 25% of the battery’s capacity.

In addition to the battery indicator, the Infinity 2 has a mode indicator. When you tap the side button to switch vaping modes, the indicator changes colour accordingly.

  • Vaping Experience

RELX Plus did a good job with user experience. It retains the vibration alert, which means the device vibrates once when you take more than 15 puffs within 15 minutes. This is a great design for vapers who want to control their nicotine intake.

But if you are more after the vaping experience and prefer to savour your favourite flavour, the Infinity 2 is the way to go. The customisable vaping modes work well to meet the different needs of smokers.

RELX Infinity 2 VS Infinity Plus: Which Is Better

It’s hard to tell which device is better because everyone has different RELX vape requirements and expectations.

Overall, both models with sleek pen-shaped have 4 separated LED indicators, auto-draw designs, high-quality coils, and SmartPace features. They’re compatible with Type-C cables and allow you to enjoy the RELX flavours.

However, you want to control your nicotine intake or avoid leakage. In that case, the Infinity Plus is the best option, as it has a vibration alert feature and a professional leak-proof design.

If an intelligent device, a smooth vaping experience, and the ultimate taste are what you want, don’t hesitate to buy the more advanced RELX Infinity 2 Device.

Check RELX Tech Australia to choose your best companion for the next vaping sessions. Happy shopping!


Is RELX Infinity Plus refillable?

No. You’ll need to remove the empty pod and insert a new one to continue vaping.

Does RELX Infinity Plus vibrate?

Yes, it’d vibrate if you take more than 15 puffs within 15 minutes.

What pods are compatible with RELX Infinity 2?

RELX Infinity 2 is compatible with RELX Infinity Pod and RELX Infinity 2 Pod.

How do I know when my RELX Infinity 2 is fully charged?

It takes about 27 minutes to charge its 440mAh battery. You’ll know your device is fully charged when the light stops pulsing and is a solid white.

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