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How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: 7 Ways To Identify

How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: 7 Ways To Identify

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Learning to differentiate between real and fake ones is essential if you use RELX Pods and want to ensure that you use genuine products. How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake? There are several factors to consider when identifying fake RELX Pods, such as the packaging, product quality, and performance.

  1. Check the legitimacy of the purchasing site
  2. Inspection of outer packaging and product appearance
  3. Checking the flavours
  4. Comparative performance
  5. Check the ceramic atomizer for an “S” shape.
  6. Using the RELX verify feature
  7. Consider the price

Read on for more information on how to distinguish authentic products.


Due to its advanced features and stylish design, RELX Pods has become one of the most sought-after vape products.

However, the market is flooded with counterfeit products. In this guide, I will walk you through the various methods and tips to help you identify original RELX Pods.

Are There Fake RELX Pods?

How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: Are There Fake RELX Pods?

The answer is that there are. Counterfeit e-liquids replicating the branding and flavours of popular vape manufacturers, including RELX Vape, have been circulating.

There’s even a fake RELX QR code.

These fake products are being sold by unscrupulous businesses that aim to maximize profits at the expense of quality.

The use of substandard ingredients, incorrect nicotine concentrations, and potentially harmful substances in the production of fake RELX Pods.

How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake?

Fake vape pods pose a potential danger to vape fans. However, you can keep yourself safe from bogus vape wares by doing a few checks.

How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake
To spot a phony RELX Pod, follow the steps below.
Check The Legitimacy Of The Purchasing Site
How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: Check The Legitimacy Of The Purchasing Site

If you haven’t bought your RELX Pod from the official online shop, it’s important to verify the website from where you made the purchase.

To do so, you can check the website’s contact information to ensure it’s active, read its “About” page, and check for real customer reviews.

It would help to look for other authentic details, such as the authorized dealer status, to ensure you’re buying from a trustworthy source.

Inspection Of Outer Packaging And Product Appearance
How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: Inspection Of Outer Packaging And Product Appearance

The Real RELX Pods’ packaging includes markings that include the batch number, the manufacturer’s date, the expiry date, a security sticker, and a QR code.

If you receive a package with no markings, it is not a Real RELX Pod.

Different fonts or images on the box, fragile foil seals on the blister pack inside the box, and rubber seals on the pods that don’t match the originals are obvious signs that you’ve purchased a fake product.

Checking The Flavours
How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: Checking The Flavours

One way to verify the authenticity of RELX Pods is to compare their flavours with the ones listed on the RELX website.

Trying out a new flavour can be tempting, but it’s important to remember that only the ones listed on the website are authentic.

If RELX comes up with a new variant, it will be mentioned on the website along with a description of what you can expect when you try it.

πŸ‘‰ Click through to discover all the current RELX flavours!

Comparative Performance
How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: Comparative Performance

If you’re using RELX Pods, ensuring they perform just as well as the original pods is important. This means the vapour flow and flavour should be identical, and the pods should be leak-proof.

Another way to check if your RELX Pods are genuine is to turn them upside down. If the pods are genuine, the air bubbles in the pod will remain stationary and won’t rise to the top.

This is a good indication of the authenticity of your pods.

Check The Ceramic Atomizer For A “S” Shape
How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: Check The Ceramic Atomizer For A "S" Shape

This can be a little hard to check, but it’s a great way to check the legitimacy of your RELX vape pod.

The RELX Pod uses FEELM technology, a black ceramic conductor in the shape of a rectangular cup that evaporates liquids instantly with a simple suck.

The porous ceramic absorbs the e-liquid and directs it down to an S-shaped heating element embedded in the bottom of the ceramic cup.

Above the ceramic cup is a rubber gasket that helps to keep the atomiser leakproof.

This step may require you to disassemble the pod for inspection, and you must carefully consider whether or not to do this.

Using The RELX Verify Feature
How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: Using The RELX Verify Feature(1)
How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: Using The RELX Verify Feature(2)
How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: Using The RELX Verify Feature(3)

RELX guarantees a smooth vaping experience. Each product contains a unique set of serial numbers to protect against counterfeiting.

Look for the serial number under the silver scratch-off sticker on the box; next to it is a QR code that will take you to the website. Enter the RELX authentication code shown under the sticker to validate the product.

Our system will return the authenticity result within seconds.

Consider The Price

The RELX Pod Pro may be fake if you purchase an item significantly below market price.

Counterfeits don’t need expensive testing, research, and development costs and usually use cheap materials.

Here are the official prices for your reference. (Prices will fluctuate up and down. This depends on the agent in each region.)

RELX Pod Pro0%(1-Packed)
US $5.90
US $11.40
RELX Pod1.8%(2-Packed)US $10.29

For more information on how to tell the difference between a real RELX and a fake one, have a look at this blog:

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Why You Should Avoid Fake RELX Pods?

RELX Pod original vs. fake, the latter has a negative impact on our health and vape experience in the following ways:

Not quality controlled.

Genuine pods are easy to trace. Stamps and serial numbers are present on the labels of manufacturers, distributors and factories to ensure that they pass quality tests.

If it’s a counterfeit, it’s impossible to identify its source and whether or not it meets brand standards.

It is not approved by the FDA.

RELX Pods are manufactured by FDA regulations and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their safety and quality. This process is not the case with fake products.

It may contain dangerous chemicals.

Studies show dangerous substances in fake e-liquids are hidden from consumers. For instance, the toluene element within them can trigger fluid accumulation in the lungs.

It can be unintentionally released when manufacturing and selling counterfeit e-cigarettes that do not meet safety protocols.

Ingredient concentration may not match the label.

Counterfeiters hide the ingredients of their e-liquids because they can’t replicate the science and technology of the real RELX exactly.

They add other chemicals that are potentially harmful to humans.

RELX has always been open and transparent about the ingredients in our vape liquids, so to learn more about the ingredients in the RELX Infinity Pod, please click here:

πŸ‘‰ Exploring 5 Premium RELX Infinity Pod Ingredients

They may cause a bad vaping experience (bad smell, feel or taste)

What To Do If You Have Purchased A Fake RELX Pod?

How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: What To Do If You Have Purchased A Fake RELX Pod?

If you notice that your RELX Pod smells, looks, feels or tastes different, stop using it. The pod may be counterfeited, and you should stop all further purchases from the same retailer.

You can return it to the shop you bought it from, but it’s doubtful you’ll get a refund. After all, if a shop sells a counterfeit product, they likely don’t have any integrity and won’t want to defend that product.

*Consult your doctor if you feel ill after using a device that has been identified as counterfeit. Keep the pod as a precaution.

How To Avoid A Fake RELX Pod?

How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake: How To Avoid A Fake RELX Pod?

The simplest way to avoid a fake RELX Pod is to purchase it from an authorised or official flagship store.

These stores must follow the company’s retailer guidelines, ensuring they do not sell counterfeit products and guarantee authenticity.

You can buy directly from our RELX Authorised Stores, which have deals and bundles you won’t find anywhere else and a guarantee that every product sold is authentic.

How To Know If RELX Pod Is Fake – Verdict

All in all, RELX Pod authentication is a simple and necessary step for every vape player. You will have peace of mind knowing that the pods you purchase are original.

It guarantees that you will have a really smooth performance. So the next time you buy a RELX Pod, follow the 7 tips in the article to validate your purchase.


How do I verify RELX?

The RELX authentication code sticker can be located on the packaging box. Scratch off the coating to reveal the 14-digit code. Note that some older versions may not have this 14-digit code. Alternatively, directly scan the QR code on the label of your product with your mobile phone.

Are fake RELX Pods safe?

It could contain dangerous chemicals – RELX has investigated and tested the contents of fake vape pods, showing that illegal products use substandard ingredients, excessive toluene and nicotine levels that don’t match the label.

Are there fake vape pods?

Counterfeit vape pods are present in the market. They give counterfeiters an edge with low production costs and high-profit margins, prompting counterfeit items’ manufacture. However, fake products can endanger human health.

What Colour is RELX Pod?

RELX Pods follow a colour scheme corresponding to the names of their flavours. This includes common colours like red, yellow, blue, green and pink. For instance, the sweet Watermelon Ice is housed in a red pod, giving customers a vivid reminder of a juicy red watermelon.

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