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RELX Infinity blinking red

Why Is My RELX Infinity Blinking Red: 5 Solutions After Charging


Numerous users wonder why their RELX Infinity blinking red even after charging. What could be causing this issue? This blog examines possible causes of malfunctions and provides solutions to improve your vaping experience.

  1. Common Issue. For example, hardware failure, low battery, poor contact between the stem and the battery, malfunctioning atomizer, etc.
  2. Potential malfunction, manufacturing defect or human error.

Continue reading to learn why the Infinity RELX flashes red even after being charged!


The RELX Infinity Vape is designed to offer unlimited taste, utility, and convenience.

With 11 extra-long labyrinthine air channels and compatibility with wireless charging cartridges, this device provides a smooth and soft vape experience.

There are small airflow holes on both sides of the body, and a circular LED light on one side illuminates to indicate battery level while smoking.

The table below illustrates the functionality of RELX Infinity Device indicator lights in normal conditions. The power indicator allows you to monitor your device usage for optimal vaping.

StateNotificationIndicator Light
ChargingJust insert to chargeOn
Finish charging (40-60 minutes)Off
Usingregular inhalingBlinking white light
The battery is lowThe RELX red light blinks slowly
Indicate low powerThe RELX red light blinks 10 times

However, Sometimes things go differently than planned. If you notice that your Infinity vape is still flashing a red light even after being fully charged, you might find the solution in what’s next.

Possible Reasons For A Red Flashing Light After Charging

1. Common Issue

RELX Infinity Blinking Red: common issue

Hardware failure

If the vape’s circuitry is faulty, such as when the lithium battery is overloaded with temperature or ruptured due to knocking, it can cause a flashing red light. To resolve this issue, consider replacing the vape with a new one or seek assistance from the after-sales service.

Insufficient power

If the vape’s battery is insufficient, it may cause the flashing red light, even if you say it’s fully charged. You can try charging or replacing the battery.

Replacing the battery yourself is risky and may damage equipment or cause leakage. Seek professional guidance before attempting.

Also, note that disassembling the RELX device may void any after-sales repair services.

Click through to this article to find out when you need help charging your Infinity device to keep it fully charged:

Poor contact between the stem and the battery

Poor contact between the stem and the vape battery may also cause the flashing red light. You can check if the connection between the battery and the branch is good, especially by cleaning the limb and battery interface part. You can refer to the product manual for the cleaning method

Faulty atomizer

If faulty, it may also cause the flashing red light. Now, you can replace the atomizer with a new one or clean the old one.

2. Potential malfunction, manufacturing defect or human error

potential malfunction

Leaky pods

High temperature, low temperature, and air pressure will make the white plastic sleeve at the bottom of the RELX Infinity Pod contraction or gaps, resulting in leakage; physical collision will cause oil leakage due to shell breakage; defective artistry in the manufacturing process, the white plastic sealing rubber sleeve is not completely fit, resulting in gaps and oil leakage.

If oil leaks occur, it could affect the vape’s performance. The heating element of the vape could become contaminated, damaging the atomization system of the vape and the internal structure. As a result, the vape may not work properly, and a red light may stay on continuously.


It’s important to be mindful of overcharging your RELX 4th Gen.

If you supply your device with a higher voltage than what is supported by the charging cable, or if you use a third-party charging cable with a higher voltage than your device requires, it may cause malfunctions.

To prevent this, it is important to adhere to the recommended charging time of 45-60 minutes for RELX 4. Excessive charging time can negatively affect the battery life and cause the indicator light to malfunction.

Incorrect pod insertion

Reinsert your pod if the indicator light is flashing red. RELX Gen4 reminds you to slow down if it happens after a few puffs.

Other component errors/bugs

As mentioned above, several possible mistakes could cause your RELX Infinity vape to flicker, whether a small defect in the battery or the atomizer.

Check RELX Infinity, That Blinking Red Even After Charging

Inspection Guide
To solve the problems mentioned earlier, we have compiled the best troubleshooting steps. Keep reading for more information.
Check The Pods For Oil Leaks

To check, wipe your pod with a white paper towel or finger. Seeing a light yellow liquid indicates a vape oil leak.

At this point, you need to wipe off the liquid before inserting it into your device.

RELX Infinity Blinking Red: Check the pods for oil leaks
Check That The Pods Are Inserted In The Correct Direction

The RELX refillable pods and the device connect through a magnetic lock. When inserted accurately, the pod easily slides and secures onto the unit.

RELX Infinity Blinking Red: Check That The Pods Are Inserted In The Correct Direction
Check That The Contact Between The Battery And The Stem Is Good

To start, make sure the battery and vape are properly connected and free of debris. If you notice any dust or foreign matter, use a cotton swab or alcohol wipe to clean it.

RELX Infinity Blinking Red Even After Charging: Check That The Contact Between The Battery And The Stem
Check Battery Life

Vape batteries usually last from 6 to 12 months before requiring replacement.

Suppose you notice a decline in performance, such as the RELX Gen4 flashing red light, not working after being charged, shorter usage time, or safety issues. In that case, it’s likely due to battery depletion.

It’s best to replace the battery in this situation.

RELX Infinity Blinking Red: Check Battery Life
Replacement Of Device

If the flashing red light persists despite trying the above solutions, it may be necessary to replace the unit.

Please note that if your fogging pole has been damaged due to human error, such as accidental falls, collisions, disassembly, or improper use and storage, we cannot provide after-sales services for uncompensated exchanges of goods.


If you are still encountering issues with RELX Infinity blinking red, please get in touch with RELX VAPE SHOP after-sales service or replace it with a new RELX Infinity Device.

Of course, your Infinity RELX device must have been purchased from this site to qualify for this service.

RELX officials will provide troubleshooting solutions to users, and customer service will reply promptly to help you resolve the issue of the red light as quickly as possible during working hours.


Why is my RELX Infinity blinking red?

When you’re using your vape, which starts blinking red, it’s a sign that your battery is running low (below 30%) and needs a recharge. On the other hand, if it flashes red or any different colour while charging, it’s working as it should be.

Why is my RELX Infinity blinking red 3 times?

If you use certain vape devices, you may notice it blinks three times. This is a warning that there may be a short circuit or the battery is running low on power. Standard vape batteries have protection against short circuits, so if this happens, it will blink three times when you press the power button or inhale.

If you see this warning, ensure the battery works properly or contact the brand’s support team for assistance.

How to open RELX Infinity?

To use your RELX Infinity, remove the cartridge from its packaging and insert it into the device’s chamber. The pod and device attach through a magnetic lock, allowing for easy pod placement. Once the pod is securely connected, inhale gently through the mouthpiece to activate it.

Should I remove the Pod when charging RELX?

No, it’s not necessary. You can set it aside. The RELX takes 40-50 minutes to charge.

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