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RELX Infinity not working

Why Is RELX Infinity Not Working? 6 Troubleshooting Guides

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In this blog, we will look at how to diagnose and resolve the issue of the RELX Infinity not working. Here are the six most likely reasons why RELX Infinity Vape is not working:

  • The device is not turning on.
  • No vapour production during use
  • Leakage
  • Strange or burning smell
  • LED flashing
  • Accidental factors

Keep reading to learn about the issues you may be experiencing and the steps to take if your RELX Infinity is not working.


Like any electronic device, the RELX Infinity device, a popular vape product, may encounter leaks, insufficient vapour production, or malfunction.

However, RELX provides solutions and offers after-sales support.

Let’s explore the common causes behind RELX Infinity not working and how to address them.

How Does RELX Infinity Vape Work?

RELXInfinity Not Working: how does RELX Infinity work

The vape pod works primarily on two basic components: the pod and the battery.

When you place your mouth on the vape pod and start inhaling, it sends a message to the battery to power the pod, which activates the atomiser, which converts the e-liquid into vapour and delivers it to your mouth.

6 Reasons For RELX Infinity Not Working

If your RELX Infinity device is not working properly, there must be a problem with one or more device components. Here is a list of six possible causes of failure:

The device is not turning on.

RELX Infinity Not Working: the device is not turning on
  • Dead Battery: If your RELX Vape has little power left, your device will not work properly.
  • Dirty or damaged contacts can prevent you from turning on your device properly, and the Infinity Device will not work properly.

No vapour production during use

RELX Infinity not working: no vapour production during use
  • There is no e-liquid or only a small amount of e-liquid in the Infinity Pods. An empty pod has no more e-juice, so there’s nothing left to turn into vapour. 
  • Clogging at the mouthpiece
  • damaged or crusted coils


  • Leakage can cause the heating element of your vape to become contaminated, which can affect the heating effect and, in severe cases, cause your Infinity vape not to work.

Strange or burning smell

The following two reasons can cause vape to produce strange flavours while not working:

RELX Infinity not working: leakage and LED flashing
  • If stored for too long, the ingredients inside the e-cigarette oil will be affected by the change in time and temperature, and the flavour will also change.
  • Low e-liquid levels in the cartridge can also make a difference in the flavour, especially if your RELX device is tilted when you vape. These two factors may prevent the liquid from flowing properly through the coil. The RELX will not work.

LED Flashing

  • Infinity RELX Vape features a three-time blink warning to indicate a short circuit or low battery. 
  • Standard vape batteries come with short-circuit protection, causing them to blink three times when you press the power button or take a puff if a short circuit is detected.

Accidental factors

  • Crushed or broken: The pod may be damaged if your device is accidentally dropped or placed in a pocket or bag containing heavy objects, which may result in malfunction.

Troubleshooting Steps

Troubleshooting Steps
Based on the above list of 6 possible causes of RELX Infinity devices not working, we provide you with the corresponding solutions:
Charging & Cleaning
RELX Infinity not working : charging and cleaning
  1. Clean the device contacts for dust and dirt using a microfiber cloth. 
  2. Ensure your RELX Infinity vape is charged (at least 10 minutes). If your device is not charging, the battery may be dead or damaged, and you will need to replace the battery.
Check Vape Tips And Coils
RELX Infinity not working : check vape tips and coils
  1. If your RELX vape produces little or no vapour, the cartridge may have a problem. Check the RELX pod to ensure it is properly filled with vape oil and installed correctly. 
  2. If the pod is working properly, try removing the vape cartridge and cleaning the contact points or airflow sensors attached to the vape. 
  3. Check the coil to ensure no debris or dirt buildup, which could lead to clogging and reduced vapour.
Addressing Leakage
RELX Infinity not working : addressing leakage
  1. The primary cause of leaks is often improper cartridge installation. Ensure cartridges are securely mounted to prevent leakage and verify the correct tobacco oil level.
  2. If the pod leaks, wipe the connection between the pod and the rod with a paper towel. Gently swing the pod downward to drain accumulated condensation.
Avoid Flavour Changes
RELX Infinity not working :avoid flavour changes
  1. The first is to check how long it has been since you started using your pod. You should finish your vape within 15 days of opening it for the best flavour experience.
  2. Remember to keep the RELX moment upright while smoking.
  3. Replacing a pod is also good if the above two methods fail to solve the problem.
Avoid Crushing Or Dropping.
RELX Infinity not working : avoid crushing or dropping
  1. Please do not put the Infinity Vape Device in the bag with other heavy items to prevent the device from breaking due to bumping and crushing.
  2. Please don’t place the vape in a high place to prevent it from falling and breaking.
After-Sales Service
RELX Infinity not working : after sales service
  1. If your Infinity Device doesn’t work, you can also have an aftermarket repair service. The RELX warranty is 18 months from the date of manufacture.
  2. However, it applies to problems encountered during safe and normal use. Damage due to negligence, natural disasters, theft and operation beyond the intended use, and products that are not defective are not covered by the warranty.

Maintenance Tips

RELX Infinity not working: maintenance tips

To ensure your RELX Vape Infinity device stays in good condition, you must clean and maintain it regularly. Here are some tips to help you prevent your vape from malfunctioning.

Avoid exposing cartridges to extreme temperatures.
Avoid Altitude Changes
Keeping it in a box
Keep it fully charged.
Cleaning your Infinity Vape


These are common answers to RELX Infinity Vape not working. If you need help with issues beyond what we’ve covered in this guide, contact RELX and get professional help.

Of course, you can also buy a new one from RELX VAPE SHOP. They provide one year of free after-sales service.


How long can RELX Infinity last?

The RELX Infinity comes with a 350 mAh Li-Ion battery that lasts up to an hour, making it easy to take nearly 200 puffs – the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes – before needing a quick recharge.

Is RELX Infinity good?

With super-smooth technology and a dual-charging design, the Infinity is a great choice for beginners and transitioning smokers. It’s easy to use and offers many nicotine strengths and flavours.

Why does RELX Infinity vibrate?

The RELX Infinity has a built-in SmartPace Vibration Alert feature that notifies you with a slight vibration if you take more than 15 puffs in 15 minutes. This ensures you are smoking your vape moderately without overdoing it.

How do I check my RELX Infinity battery?

You can see how much power is left in your device by using the LED indicators. Each bar represents 25% of the battery power, so you can easily see how much energy you have at any time.

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