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How To Know If RELX Is Fully Charged

How To Know If RELX Is Fully Charged: 3-Step Solution

Quick Guide

At what point does the RELX reach full charge? It is a major concern for users. You can easily know how to know if RELX is fully charged by following three steps.

  1. Charging the RELX
  2. Waiting for a while
  3. Viewing RELX indicator status

Want to know the full details? Let’s read below!


Don’t know how to know if RELX is fully charged? You still don’t know what message the RELX charging light conveys?

Using the RELX Infinity as an example, this guide will teach you three steps to determine the state of charge of your RELX and restore the ultimate vaping experience in time!

How To Know If RELX Is Fully Charged – Step By Step

how do I know if my relx is fully charged
Charging the RELX
How To Know If RELX Is Fully Charged: Charging The RELX

To determine if charging is complete, you first need to charge the RELX.

Please connect the adapted charger to the RELX Infinity device‘s charging port and the power supply.

If you are confused about this procedure, check out How To Charge RELX Infinity: A Guide To 3 Charging Methods for help.

Waiting for a while
How To Know If RELX Is Fully Charged: Waiting For A While

When the indicator light flashes white, the RELX is in charging status. Please wait for a while.

It takes about 45-60 minutes for the RELX to charge fully.

However, how do I know if my RELX is charging? The following article will answer your questions.

Viewing RELX indicator status
How To Know If RELX Is Fully Charged: Viewing RELX Indicator Status

After the estimated charging time has passed, check the status of the RELX indicator.

The battery is fully charged when the RELX Infinity charging indicator flashes a steady white light.

Note: The indicator status when fully charged may differ for different RELX models. Please refer to the content below.

RELX Fully Charge Indicator

RELX Classic

RELX Classic Display

LED off

RELX Alpha

RELX Alpha Display

White LED is always on


RELX i Display

White LED is always on

RELX Infinity

RELX Infinity Display

White LED is always on

RELX Phantom

RELX Phantom Display

4 white LEDs are always on

RELX Infinity 2

RELX Infinity 2 Display

4 white LEDs are always on

Common RELX Indicator Signals               

ModelsLow BatteryChargingNormal Use
RELX ClassicFlashes 10 timesLED always onLED gets brighter gradually
RELX AlphaThe red LED flashes 10 timesWhite LED cycle
(light-dark transition)
White LED gets brighter gradually
RELX iThe red LED gets brighter graduallyWhite LED blinkingWhite LED gets brighter gradually
RELX InfinityRed LED flashes for 2 secondsWhite LED cycle
(light-dark transition)
The LED gets brighter gradually
RELX Phantom4 red LED flash 10 times4 white LED flash sequentiallyThe LED gets brighter gradually
RELX Infinity 2The red LED gets brighter graduallyWhite LED blinkingThe LED gets brighter gradually

Factors Affecting RELX Charging Time

In addition to learning to determine how to know if RELX is fully charged, you’ll also need to know what factors affect how long it takes to charge the RELX.

Battery Capacity

The larger the battery capacity of the RELX, the longer it may take to charge.

Current Battery Power Left

Normally, the remaining battery power is inversely related to the charging time.

The more current charge remaining, the less time the RELX has to wait to charge. If the battery is drained more, it will take longer to charge the RELX vape fully.

Charger Power

Using a charger with a different power affects the rate at which the RELX charges and, therefore, the length of time it takes to charge.

As a general rule, the higher the power, the faster the charging rate and the shorter the charging time.

Why Is My RELX Not Charging?

If you are experiencing RELX not charging, it is most likely due to the following common causes.

Damaged Cables

Worn charging cables tend to make it difficult to transfer current properly, thus preventing the RELX from charging.

Power Supply Failure

If the power supply fails to provide a stable current, the RELX will naturally not charge properly.

Damaged RELX

If your RELX device suffers physical damage and thus gets damaged, then the RELX will also fail to charge.

If you are really interested in RELX Not Charging, please read the article Why Is Your RELX Vape Not Charging: 5 Potential Causes.

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I believe you have gotten the answer to How to know if RELX is fully charged according to the instructions in this guide.

In addition, if you are planning to buy new RELX pods or devices, you may choose the RELX official store.

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Can I overcharge my RELX?

No, overcharging your RELX is not allowed. Overcharging for up to an hour can pose potential risks.

Do I need to remove the pod when charging RELX?

Certainly, you can charge your RELX device with a RELX pod inserted, though it’s not obligatory.

Feel free to remove the pod before charging if you have any concerns.

How do I know if my RELX battery is low?

When the RELX light flashes 10 times, your battery is below 10%.

Please charge your RELX in time to continue the good vaping experience.

What do the lights on my RELX mean?

Below are two common signals that the RELX blinks:

  • Red light blinks for 1-2 seconds – Battery level below 30%.
  • Red light blinks 3 times – Reminder of proper nicotine intake.

Why is my RELX blinking red 3 times?

The RELX blinks red three times, which may be a warning that your vape is short-circuiting or running out of power.

When the power is exhausted, please charge the RELX in time.

Why is My RELX fully charged but blinking red?

If this happens after a few puffs, it’s just RELX reminding you that you should slow down your vaping.

How many minutes do you charge RELX Infinity?

The RELX Infinity takes about 45 to 60 minutes to charge.

Please be careful not to overcharge.

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