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How to refill RELX Infinity Pod

5 Professional Steps On How To Refill RELX Infinity Pod

Quick Guide

Do you want to know how to refill RELX Infinity Pod safely? Here are five crucial steps that you should follow. Get professional guidance to ensure that you do it right.

  1. Removing the old Pod
  2. Disassemble the Pod and remove the rubber stopper
  3. Refilling your Infinity RELX Pods
  4. Seal the vape canister and clean it.
  5. Reattaching the RELX Pod

Before you begin filling, you should understand that Pods for RELX Infinity are designed not to be reused or refilled, nor are they recommended to be opened. Opening or otherwise tampering with pods will void the RELX Pod Pro warranty.

Can You Refill RELX Infinity Pods?

Can you Refill RELX Infinity

RELX customers need to know that to ensure quality and safety, RELX Infinity Pods Australia cannot be used for refilling.

Attempting to reuse may result in vapour, flavour and safety, and quality degradation issues. And disassembling them on your own will not entitle you to an aftermarket warranty.

If you are determined to refill, you may want to consider using refillable vape pods. Or learn how to refill RELX Infinity Pro Pods safely!

How To Refill RELX Infinity Pod: Collecting Essentials

How To Refill RELX Infinity: Collecting Essentials

Before you start populating your RELX Pod Pro, there are a few tools you’ll need to have on hand to ensure a safe and smooth process.

  • Paper towels
  • A plier
  • An e-liquid
  • Gloves

5 Crucial Steps For Safely Refilling Your RELX Infinity Pod

5 Crucial Steps For Safely Refilling Your RELX Infinity Pod
This guide will walk you through all the necessary information about refilling your RELX Infinity Pro Pods, including the step-by-step process. Let’s get started.
Removing The Old Pod

Before refilling the Infinity Pods RELX, it’s important to safely eject them and examine them for any signs of damage or wear and tear. If the pod breaks, it is best not to refill it to avoid e-liquid leakage that could cause damage to the Infinity Vape device.

How To Refill RELX Infinity: removing the old pod

Once the pods have been safely removed, place the empty device properly for easy reassembly.

Disassemble The Pod and Remove The Rubber Stopper
How To Refill RELX Infinity: Disassemble The Pod

Use pliers to remove the rubber sleeve at the bottom. This casing is tightly attached to the pod and may take some time to draw.

How To Refill RELX Infinity: disassemble the Pod

You will then need to remove the rubber pieces from the vape cartridge and then use a paper towel to clean the rubber and cartridge of any excess juice.

How To Refill RELX Infinity: clean your Pod
Refilling Your RELX Pros
How To Refill RELX Infinity: refilling your RELX Infinity Pod

Place the bottle of vape oil in the filler hole and refill it, filling the cartridge only to 90% of its height for safety. This will prevent any potential leaks that could damage the cartridge.

Seal The Vape Canister And Clean It
How To Refill RELX Infinity: reattaching the RELX Pod
How To Refill RELX Infinity: reattaching the RELX Pod.

Assemble your RELX Infinity Pods, ensuring the rubber stopper is securely in place. Let the pods sit for a few minutes.
Wipe up e-liquid residue from pods with a paper towel.

Reattaching the RELX Pod

Carefully place the pod back into the RELX Infinity Device to ensure a leak-free experience. Charge the device and take your first puff.

How To Refill RELX Infinity: reattaching the RELX Pod

👉 We also offer a comprehensive guide on refilling your RELX pods, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Notes On How To Refill RELX Infinity Pods

It’s important to be mindful of a few key things, even if you’re already familiar with how to refill RELX Infinity Pods.

Potential Consequences

This can cause differences in vapour and flavour strengths and unintended equipment heating. In severe cases, it can damage the equipment and render it unusable.

Warranty And Equipment-Related Issues

According to the official statement of RELX, damage to the product caused by dismantling or human damage will not be eligible for after-sales repairs and no-refund exchanges.


If you want to reuse your RELX device, we recommend purchasing a refillable RELX Pod. Avoiding the risks associated with mishandling.


After reading this article, I am sure you should understand the five steps of how to refill RELX Infinity Pods.

Although this guide offers a detailed summary of the RELX Infinity Pod supplement, it’s important to acknowledge that it involves complexities and risks. We’re sharing this information for educational purposes and to satisfy your curiosity, but we strongly advise against attempting it as a DIY project.

For a hassle-free and safer vaping experience, we highly recommend purchasing new Infinity Pods from RELX Australia. You can enjoy vaping without the potential risks of refilling Pods.


How many puffs does a RELX Pod Pro have?

The capacity is 1.9ml, around 650 puffs.

Is RELX Pod Pro compatible with RELX Infinity?

RELX Pro Pods are compatible with the RELX Infinity Vape Device Kit and the RELX Essential Vape Device Kit.

Are there fake RELX Infinity Pods?

Yes, there are fake Pods RELX Infinity on the market. Each product has a code. You can go to the official website to check the authenticity.

What is the difference between RELX Pod Pro and RELX Pod?

For the RELX Pod Pro, we utilized ceramic as the wick material in the atomizer, whereas cotton fibre was used in the RELX Pods.

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