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JUUL VS RELX: Which Is The Trendy Choice?

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While both brands, JUUL and RELX vape, are known in the vape industry, they differ in the following areas:

  • Mission
  • Guardian program for Minors
  • Nicotine content
  • Innovative technology
  • Price
  • Top models comparison

Now, let’s reveal the ultimate winner of JUUL VS RELX!


With two highly regarded vape brands, JUUL and RELX, a showdown between them was naturally inevitable.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at the differences between these two vapes and see how they win the hearts of consumers!

Juul vs RELX, the battle is officially on!

Juul VS RELX: Overview

What Is Juul?

Juul Display

Launched in June 2015, Juul vapes are dedicated to helping the world’s one billion adult smokers quit combustible cigarettes.

Juul products are Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) designed to provide an experience comparable to that of combustible cigarettes.

It is also dedicated to promoting adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes.

What Is RELX?

RELX Display

Founded in 2019, RELX International is a global vape company.

Since its inception, it has been known in the vape industry for its pod vape. And it has innovatively developed fruit-flavoured vapes that have captured the hearts of many vapers.

RELX VS Juul: The Difference Between Them



Juul’s mission is to transition the world’s billion adult vapers away from combustible cigarettes, eliminate their use, and combat underage usage of our products.

Juul is dedicated to helping adult vapers break away from the grip of traditional cigarettes with a similar vaping experience.


RELX’s mission is to make RELX a trusted brand for adult vapers through advanced products and technologies to cooperate with talented people around the globe.

RELX is committed to providing vapers with the most exceptional vaping experience.

Guardian Program For Minors


To guard the health and safety of minors, Juul is cracking down on the use of vapes by minors.

Juul makes it clear that minors are not allowed to use Juul products or any form of nicotine. 

Even if a minor tries to access the official website to make a purchase, they need to be verified by their real name.

Effective November 2019, Juul ceased all broadcast, print, and digital product advertising within the United States.


RELX has adopted the Youth Prevention & Guardian Program to control RELX products strictly to avoid abuse.

RELX has set age restrictions on its official website to ensure minors cannot access and buy RELX products online.

In terms of marketing, target promotional materials to adult vapers and will not use cartoon characters, young celebrities, or models under 25.

The product packaging has a nicotine label warning minors not to use it.

In addition, RELX promotes the guardian program among RELX’s partners and stakeholders, firmly implementing the RELX guardian program.

In general, both fulfilled the social mission of protecting the health and safety of minors.

Nicotine Content


With 3% and 5% nicotine salts, Juul is indeed a great choice for vapers looking for a strong throat hit.

The 5% nicotine content of Juul contains approximately 59mg of nicotine per millilitre, which is shocking.


RELX is available in a wide range of nicotine content, including 5% (50mg/ml), 3% (30mg/ml), 1.8% (30mg/ml) or RELX nicotine-free. 

Whether you prefer a strong throat hit or a gentle vaping experience, there is something for everyone.

Some RELX partners will also order customized nicotine content, which you can pick up based on your personal vaping preferences.

In Juul vs RELX, the versatility of RELX’s nicotine content makes it superior.

Additionally, many have expressed concern due to Juul’s excessive nicotine salt content.

Innovative Technology

Juul Temperature Control Technology

Temperature Control Technology

Juul’s devices have been enhanced with advanced technology that allows them to be used in environments below 300°C.

Juul Battery Control Technology

Battery Control Technology

Juul’s batteries are made of high-grade materials and tested by battery control technology.

They are highly effective in preventing electrical spikes, overheating, and overcharging.


Through 76 sensory tests and hours of tweaking, the RELX team designed the Super Smooth™ standard to ensure that it is thick and smooth from the first puff to the last.

Here are the key technologies that ensure a quality vaping experience.

RELX Air Boost Airway Design

Air Boost Airway Design

The aerodynamic design pushes the vapour in the atomizer upwards from the bottom, producing a large amount of thick, rich vapour.

RELX Active Steam Pro

Active-Steam Pro

Active-Steam Pro technology balances and controls atomizing power and temperature. This helps to achieve consistent vapour volume and quality from start to finish with RELX vapes.

Both JUUL and RELX have innovated in product technology.

However, if you are more of a fan of lots of smooth vapour clouds, then the RELX may be a better choice.


Here are some hot RELX and Juul prices for reference only.

DeviceRELX Infinity
($29.90 – $89.90)
RELX Phantom
($29.99 – $99.00)
Juul C1
($9.99 – $50)
($7.98 – $18)
RELX Pod Pro
($6.98 – $20)
Juul Pod
($6.75 – $19)

It shows that the RELX price is slightly higher than Juul’s in terms of the total cost of the device and pod.

In other words, Juul’s price advantage is more obvious in Juul vs RELX price.

Top Models Comparison

JUUL VS RELX, we can’t miss their popular series comparison! Now, let’s take a look at the best features of both vapes!

  • Inhale Activation

Inhaling into the mouthpiece activates the device without any button operation.

  • Easy Charging

The USB Charging Dock facilitates fast charging for your JUL C1, providing convenience with a USB port at home or on the go.

  • Connects To Juul Android App

The Juul C1 can be paired with the Juul app on your Android phone to track device location and usage anytime.

RELX Infinity
  • Leak-Resistant Maze
RELX Infinity Leak Resistant Maze

Tl construction in the RELX Pod Infinity helps prevent RELX leaking, providing a safe vaping experience.

If, very unfortunately, you are still experiencing leaking problems, read Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking for a solution.

  • Dual Charging System
RELX Infinity Dual Charging System

The RELX Infinity has two charging options.

You can charge it using the RELX Infinity charger or the RELX Infinity charging case.

For detailed charging procedures, please read How To Charge RELX Infinity.

Note: RELX Infinity is compatible with a USB-C charging cable. Please do not use an incompatible charger to charge it.

  • Smart Pace Vibration Alert
RELX Infinity Vibration Alert

If you vape 15 puffs in 15 minutes, the Infinity device‘s alarm will emit a faint vibration. 

It is to remind you to vape at a moderate rate.

To learn more about RELX Infinity, look at this RELX Infinity Review.

In the comparison of popular series, the Juul C1 has impressive tracking device features.

However, the RELX Infinity’s leak-proof design, dual-charging design, and vibration alert are three features that may fit the needs of more vapers.

RELX VS Juul Quora

Juul VS RELX Reddit

The above reviews are from Quora. You can refer to these reviews and make your judgment.

In the Juul vs RELX Quora, you can visualize what vapers say about both brands.

Overall, more vapers may choose to vote for RELX.


The RELX far surpasses the Juul in terms of nicotine content options, innovative technology and popular models.

However, the RELX is slightly behind the Juul in terms of price.

If you are looking for the ultimate vaping experience, RELX is your best choice. If you are looking for cost-effective, JUUL may be more suitable for you.

In this Juul vs RELX, who is the winner in your mind? You can set your sights on RELX online.

We offer the hottest RELX collections and RELX flavours with exclusive offers and look forward to your visit!


Does RELX contain nicotine?

It depends on your choice.

RELX comes in a variety of nicotine contents, including 0% (0mg/ml),1.8% (18mg/ml),3% (30mg/ml) and 5% (50mg/ml).

How many cigarettes are in a RELX pod?

A RELX Pod equates to 21 – 42 cigarettes. 

The RELX pod probably delivers 300 – 600 puffs, and 12 – 14 puffs is equivalent to a cigarette.

Is RELX better than cigarettes?

RELX is relatively safer than cigarettes.

To know more about the differences between RELX and cigarettes, you can read the article RELX VS Cigarettes: 7 Salient Differences.

Is RELX a good vape?

RELX stands out as an outstanding prefilled vape, delivering excellence in performance and flavour. Elevate your vaping experience with the superior qualities of RELX.

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