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Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: Exploring the 9 Common Issues

Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: Exploring the 9 Common Issues

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RELX Pods Leaking can ruin your vaping experience, and every pod has the potential to leak. Why did this happen? How can you fix it, and how can you prevent it from happening again? This blog will answer all your questions and provide tips and guidance on what to do and how to prevent it from happening.

  1. Improperly used
  2. Excessive vaping
  3. Coil aging
  4. Damage in transit
  5. The battery is about to die or is low.
  6. Overheating of the device
  7. Refilling the RELX Pod
  8. Environmental factors
  9. Purchase fake RELX Pods

We will analyze the 9 most common causes below.


The RELX Vape Pods system is designed to be highly portable, convenient, and easy to use.

However, one of the most common issues with vape is leakage. A leaking pod is inconvenient and can be a significant hassle and a waste of money.

Moreover, when e-juice seeps into battery connections and other components, it can gradually damage your RELX Vape device.

That’s why it’s important for your Pods RELX to find and fix leaks promptly.

We will discuss common causes and ways to prevent this from happening. Read on!

Signs of RELX Pods Leaking

First, you must know how to identify if your RELX Pod leaks.

Appearance with traces of e-juice.
Sticky to the touch
It gives off a strong aroma.
Sticky when vaped

Why Are My RELX Pods Leaking?

Another thing you must know is what causes RELX leaking Pods. There are several common causes for this, and here are some of the more common ones:

Improperly used
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: Improperly used

Although pods may seem tough and durable, improper handling can easily damage them.

Squeezing or biting the mouthpiece while in use can cause structural damage to the pod, leading to leaks.

If you are prone to vaping while lying down, you should be aware that this increases the likelihood of RELX Pods leaking.

This position prevents the oil from being properly absorbed by the wick, especially if there is little liquid in the pod.

For the same reason, shaking or rocking the Vape Pod RELX can trigger a leak.

Excessive vaping
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: Excessive vaping

However, even if you keep the RELX device in the correct vertical position, vaping too much in a short period can cause a leak.

In this case, the wick will work properly, but the coil may not be able to vaporize all the juice inhaled into it.

This is why devices like the RELX Infinity come with Smart Pace vibration alerts.

As the name suggests, when you vape more than 15 puffs in 15 minutes, tactile feedback in the form of a vibration alerts you that you’ve been vaping for too long.

Coil aging
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: coil aging

An ageing coil is likelier to break, and its ability to retain e-liquid is reduced.

E-liquid may leak through the coil and out of the device.

Please use RELX pods within the recommended time to avoid leakage due to coil aging:

👉 What Is The Expiration Date Of RELX Pods?

Accidental crash
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: accident crash

Sometimes, it is inevitable that special circumstances will arise.

RELX Pods leakage can be caused by accidental dropping of the device or pod by the user, being run over by a car, etc.

Pods can also leak if the mouthpiece is crushed in transit or the internal rubber ring falls off.

If you receive your new RELX Pod and find it leaking e-liquid, please contact the merchant immediately to deal with the problem product.

The battery is about to die or is low.
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: The battery is about to die or is low

If your vape battery is low or undercharged, it may not efficiently convert your e-liquid into vapour.

As a result, the e-liquid may leak out of the vape instead of being vaporized.

Overheating of the device
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: Overheating of the device

When using RELX devices with adjustable power, avoid using them on high power for extended periods.

Exceeding the wattage range can overheat the liquid, leading to leaks and shortening the coil’s lifespan.

Refilling the RELX Pod
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: Refilling the RELX Pod

For quality assurance purposes, disposable RELX Pods are not designed to be reused or refilled.

Overfilling for technical reasons or failure to reinstall the pod increases the risk of leakage.

Environmental factors
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: Environmental factors

If you experience RELX Pod leakage despite following recommended vaping conditions, inspect the surrounding environment.

Although RELX devices are generally robust for diverse settings, abrupt temperature fluctuations can elevate the risk of e-liquid leakage.

Extreme temperatures, either too high or too low, can hinder the optimal functioning of wicks and coils.

Consequently, certain liquids may fail to vaporize effectively.

Air pressure changes (e.g. on an aeroplane or at high altitudes) can cause leaks and affect vaping performance.

Purchase fake RELX Pods.
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: Purchase fake RELX Pods.

Acquiring a counterfeit RELX Vape Pod carries a potential hazard of leakage.

Counterfeit products typically evade regulatory oversight, leaving the e-liquid storage and device construction unchecked for safety standards.

The absence of stringent quality control significantly heightens the risk of leakage.

How To Fix Leaking RELX Pods?

How To Fix Leaking RELX Pods?
How do we solve the RELX Pods leaking problem? Try these quick fixes.
Check If The Leak Is Condensate Or E-juice.
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: Check If The Leak Is Condensation Or E-juice.

First, check for condensate or e-juice leaks:

It’s very simple. Wipe it off with a white paper towel or your finger.

The viscous texture is the e-liquid, while the wet, flowing liquid is the condensation.

Remove Excess Liquid From RELX Pod
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: Remove Excess Liquid From RELX Pod

If the RELX Pod leaks, remove it and wipe the e-liquid from the device and pod.

You can always wipe the seams between the pod and the stem with a paper towel and gently swing the pod downwards to drain any fluid build-up.

Check For Cracks Or Signs Of Damage
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: Check For Cracks Or Signs Of Damage

Periodically remove RELX Pods to check for cracks or traces of e-liquid inside the device.

Keep Batteries Fully Charged
Keep Batteries Fully Charged

It is crucial to keep your battery charged to prevent the RELX Pod from leaking.

The frequency of charging your device’s battery should be based on how often you use it, but it is recommended to charge it for 45- 60 minutes at least every few days.

You can check out this RELX Infinity charging article to reference properly charging your RELX device.

Draw In Gently
Why Is My RELX Pods Leaking: Draw In Gently

Try drawing in gently to prevent potential leaks caused by overuse. It is recommended that you suck slowly and for a longer period of time, waiting 15 to 20 seconds between sucks.

If you’re not getting enough vapour or the vapour isn’t potent enough, you can increase the voltage or wattage.

For example, the RELX Infinity 2 offers three smoking modes to suit your preference: Eco, Smooth, and Boost.

You can easily select your desired method by pressing a button on the device, and the LED light will indicate your chosen mode.

Replace The Pod

If the leak persists after following the five steps, you may need to replace your RELX Pod.

We offer the RELX Infinity Pod and the RELX Infinity 2 Pod, which are disposable vape pods that should be replaced regularly.

These pods are compatible with a wide range of RELX devices, so you can easily swap them out when needed.

RELX Infinity Pod

$7.98 $9.98
Nicotine Strength: 30mg/ml – 50mg/ml
E-liquid Capacity: 1.9 ml
Puffs: 300 – 600 puffs

RELX Infinity 2 Pod

$7.98 $7.98
Nicotine Strength: 30mg/ml – 50mg/ml
E-liquid Capacity: 1.9 ml
Puffs: 300 – 600 puffs

If you purchased RELX Pods from our website and they continue to leak after you have performed the necessary steps, kindly save them and their packaging and inform us.

We will inspect and replace the pods for you, as we offer one year of after-sales service for your RELX Vape products.

Note: The warranty only applies to normal and safe use. It does not cover damage from negligence, natural disasters, theft, use beyond intended purposes, or non-defective products.

How To Avoid RELX Pod Leakage

Make sure your lips form a seal around the mouthpiece
Make sure the connections between groups are all tight
Make sure you use the RELX Pod correctly
Change your RELX Pod regularly
Leave time between vaping
Clean your Vape Pod RELX regularly
Keep the RELX Pod in a dry, ambient temperature and pressure environment.
Purchase a genuine RELX Pod.


In conclusion, by properly disposing of vapes, promptly replacing them, keeping batteries charged, checking for defects, regulating usage, and purchasing genuine products, users can minimize the risk of RELX Pods leaking.

I hope this blog is helpful for your daily use and maintenance of RELX Pod.

If you have any other suggestions about RELX Pod Leaking, please feel free to comment!


How to do if RELX Pod leaking from the bottom?

You should properly dispose of the leaking pods and purchase new RELX Pods.

Should I remove the RELX Pod when not in use?

It is possible to take the Pod out when not using the RELX Vape, but it is unnecessary.

How long is a RELX Pod supposed to last?

RELX devices and pods have a one-year or eighteen-month limited warranty from the date of manufacture or purchase from an authorized RELX store.

How many cigarettes are in a RELX Pod?

Three packs. The RELX Infinity pod pack contains one Pod that holds 1.9ml of e-liquid. Depending on the individual’s usage, it lasts roughly 300- 600 puffs, equivalent to three packs of cigarettes.

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