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Are RELX Pods Safe: A Guide to Safety and Peace of Mind 2023

Are RELX Pods Safe: Revealing The Health Effects

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Are RELX Pods Safe? If you are considering getting RELX Pods, you may want to know the answer to this question. With the popularity of vapes, it is important to have an understanding of the potential risks associated with the use of these products. While no vaping product is 100% safe, there are reasons to believe RELX pod vapes are less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes.

This blog will analyse the security of RELX Pod for you from the following perspectives:

  • RELX Pods ingredients
  • Differences between vaping RELX Pods and smoking
  • Safe usage tips

Read on to learn more about the RELX Pod, its potential risks, and whether it is safe.


Are you worried about the safety of the RELX Pod because you don’t understand its ingredients or because you read the news about it on the internet?

Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive overview of the safety of RELX Pod products, so that you can understand this product and allay your concerns.

So read on! You will learn more!

What Is RELX Pod?

Are RELX Pods Safe: What Is RELX Pod?

The RELX Pod is pre-filled with salt nicotine e-liquid(2ml) and features a disposable design, meaning users do not need to refill it; they simply replace it with a new pod.

The typical lifespan of a RELX pod is around 300 to 600 puffs, making it an economical choice for the average user.

With a choice of 1.8%, 3% and 5% nicotine levels, and uses the FEELM ceramic coil tech that is unique to the RELX brand for a smooth and satisfying puff.

Also available in over 20 flavours, from classic tobacco to fruity and sweet.

Are RELX Pods Safe?

In light of this examination, here’s a rundown of the potential risks one should consider when opting for a vape pod.

RELX Pods Ingredients

Are RELX Pods Safe: Chemicals ingredients

Our ingredients include glycerin, propylene glycol, flavouring agents and nicotine salts.

Nicotine salts are the active ingredient. Despite common misconceptions, nicotine is not a carcinogen but an addictive chemical.

These ingredients are not harmful in and of themselves, but some people can be allergic to or have an adverse reaction to one of them, so you need to monitor your health and smoke responsibly before using RELX Pods.

  • Risk of equipment defects
Are RELX Pods Safe: Risk of equipment defects

Explosions and burns have been reported from using vapes while charging devices due to defective batteries.

The FDA says to avoid accidents, use recommended batteries and chargers, replace damaged or wet batteries, keep vapes away from metal objects, and avoid overnight charging.

However, the RELX has several safety features to ensure the RELX device is safe.

The device has an auto-off feature that shuts off after ten seconds of continuous use, preventing overheating and reducing the risk of injury.

RELX Devices also has a short circuit protection feature that prevents the device from being used during a circuit failure.

  • Leaking
Are RELX Pods Safe: Leaking

Leakage occurs when e-liquid escapes from the pod through the airflow system. Not only does this lead to wasted e-liquid, but it also poses several safety hazards.

Exposure to nicotine and other chemicals can cause harm if they make contact with the skin or are ingested.

The RELX Vape Pod has undergone several safety tests to ensure its use is safe.

The RELX Pods use high-quality materials and a closed cartridge system to prevent leaks and ensure smooth, consistent e-juice delivery.

The containers are made of leak-proof medical-grade materials that reduce the risk of chemical exposure

  • Manufacturer compliance
Are RELX Pods Safe: Manufacturer Compliance

RELX Australia sets high standards for itself and its suppliers:

Establishing independent and rigorous corporate standards for e-liquids.
Accurate and strictly controlled raw material impurities.
Benzene control limits are the same as drinking water sanitation standards.
This version meets the French AFNOR testing standards.
Professional factory production ensures that the final product quality meets the legal requirements.
Manual sampling by independent quality control “gatekeepers”.
Quality traceability Product lifecycle management
  • User reviews and feedback

User reviews and feedback on RELX Pods have been mixed. Users have combined experiences with a variety of RELX flavours.

Some people choose flavours they don’t like because they are first-time buyers and need to know which vape flavours suit them.

In contrast, some unique flavours, such as the tea flavour of the RELX Infinity 2 Pod, and those who like fruity-flavoured vapes may not like it.

Despite these complaints, many users still enjoy the various flavours of RELX Pods.

Users also appreciate the portability and ease of use of RELX Pods, as they are designed for single use and come pre-filled with e-juice.

What’s The Difference Between Vaping RELX Pods And Smoking?

We delve into the distinctions between using a RELX Vape Pod and traditional smoking, conducting a comparative analysis of their safety profiles.

Are RELX Pods Safe: What's The Difference Between Vaping RELX Pods And Smoking?

The difference between smoking traditional cigarettes and Vaping RELX Pods is that smoking releases nicotine by burning tobacco.

In contrast, vaping RELX Pods can deliver nicotine by heating the liquid in a less harmful way.

People are interested in the difference between the two, but more than that, they want to understand: Is vaping RELX Pods safer than smoking?

Cigarette smoke contains at least 7,000, including 250 destructive carcinogens and almost 70 linked to cancer. So, many of the health risks linked to smoking are a direct result of combustion.

Compared to traditional cigarettes, RELX Pods have the following advantages:

  • According to Public Health England, vapes are at least 95% less harmful than smoking. This is because RELX Pods don’t produce smoke, ash, or tar, which can cause oral degradation and lung-related conditions associated with tobacco smoking.
  • RELX Pod Pro has controlled, FDA-approved ingredients. It contains fewer harmful substances than cigarettes.
  • Vaping RELX Pods do not produce second-hand smoke. This makes them a safer option for people around vapes.

Are There Any Benefits To Using A RELX Pod?

Some may wonder about the benefits of using the RELX Vape Pod.

Although the long-term health effects of vape pods are still being studied, certain research has found potential benefits.

  • Harm Reduction

Many people consider vaping as a way to reduce the harm caused by traditional tobacco smoking.

Those who switch from smoking to a RELX pod vape can lower their exposure to the harmful chemicals present in tobacco smoke.

However, it is crucial to remember that vapes are still not completely safe and carry some risks.

Are RELX Pods Safe: Harm Reduction
  • Convenience & portability

The RELX Pod offers unrivalled convenience and portability with its sleek design and compact size. Vapers can easily slip it into their pocket or purse.

This allows them to enjoy the vape experience anytime, anywhere.

  • Multiple flavours
Are RELX Pods Safe: Multiple flavours

Most RELX Vape Pods, like the RELX Infinity Pod, offer users a diverse selection of e-liquid flavours from which to choose.

Some people find these flavours enjoyable and appealing, and the wide range of options available makes the vaping experience more interesting.

However, Weighing the potential benefits of vapes against their associated risks and limitations is important.

How To Use RELX Pod Safely?

Contraindications and specific risk groups

Vapes pose a risk to your health. Local laws and regulations set the minimum age for purchasing and using this product. This product is not intended for use by the following people:

  • Minors
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • unstable heart disease, severe high blood pressure, diabetes, lung disease, cancer, heart and blood vessel disease, or respiratory problems
  • Non-smokers
  • Oesophagitis, oesophageal hiatal hernia, or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
Store the product in a cool, dry, dark place at 21-25°C/70-77°F.
Avoid eye and skin contact
Do not open or disassemble
Do not mix with other products
Gently suction the mouthpiece and use it upright.
Replace the Pod regularly
Buy Genuine RELX Pods


In conclusion, RELX Pods are not 100% harmless, but to change your bad smoking habits, RELX Vape is something you can consider.

If you are a smoker, switching to vapes is a good option. But if you have never smoked, then you need to think carefully about trying vapes.

Staying informed, complying with regulations and considering known risks and limitations are critical when deciding on vapes.

Hopefully, this post has helped you better understand the safety concerns of RELX Pods and how to use them properly.


What chemicals are in RELX Pods?

RELX Pods contain a balanced combination of five ingredients: nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavourings, and benzoic acid.

How many cigarettes are in a RELX Pod?

RELX Pod pack contains a single pod that holds 1.9ml of e-liquid and can last for 300 to 600 puffs, equivalent to approximately three packs of cigarettes, depending on usage.

Is RELX safer to use than smoking?

RELX Pods undergo strict quality control measures to ensure consumer safety. They contain fewer chemicals than traditional cigarettes, reducing the risk of harm from toxic exposure.

Does RELX have 0 nicotine?

Yes, RELX offers nicotine-free vapes.

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