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why is the RELX Vape not working

Why Is The RELX Vape Not Working? 7 Steps To Fix It

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With the recent surge in the popularity of disposable vape pens, the RELX device creates heat waves in the vaping world. However, like any other e-cigarettes, they are prone to problems.

If you’ve ever found your RELX Vape not working, we have a simple guide to help you diagnose the problems.

  • Charge the device
  • Check the pod
  • Clean the device and pod
  • Moderate vaping
  • Replace a new pod or device
  • Use it appropriately
  • Seek help from customer service

Please keep reading to discover the issues you may experience and simple solutions to fix them.


Most smokers understand the frustration of something going wrong with their vapes. Fortunately, RELX Vapes are built to last, so there is a huge chance it won’t take much to get it up and run again if something goes wrong.

If you are plagued by RELX not working, you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, we will delve in-depth into the causes of RELX Vape not working and provide some simple steps to take.

Common Problems With RELX Vape

RELX Vape not working RELX Infinity

Below, we will use the RELX Infinity Device as an example to analyse why RELX doesn’t work.

Since the RELX comprises two main parts, the device and the pod, we will delve into both aspects of what causes the RELX Vape not working.

Pod Issues

RELX Vape not working pod issues
  • E-liquid depletion

The most common reason why the RELX Infinity Pod not working is running out of the e-liquid inside the pod. Pre-filled with 1.9ml e-liquid, a refillable RELX Infinity Pod can last approximately 2-4 days, according to your vaping habits and usage pattern. You can hold the pod to the light to see how much e-liquid you have left.

If you notice nothing coming out or a distinct burned taste when you puff, the pod may be out of e-juice. In this case, you should stop using the empty pod and dispose of it responsibly.

  • Failed connection with the device

Since the device and pod of the RELX are sold separately, you must assemble the two together yourself when you get your RELX Pod.

So, it can result in poor contact between the pod and the device, preventing the built-in battery of the device from heating the e-liquid and rendering the RELX Vape not working.

  • E-liquid leakage

The leakage of e-liquid can damage your vape. It can occur from changes in air pressure or extreme temperature, incorrect installation, or damaged pods. If you grab your RELX and feel sticky, chances are it is because the e-juice is leaking, resulting in the RELX Infinity not firing.

If your RELX Pod experiences any of the above problems, refer to the following articles to resolve them:

Device Issues

RELX Vape not working device issues
  • Battery depletion

Activating the RELX needs the battery to heat the pod, creating satisfying vapour production. RELX flashing red suggests the built-in battery is low and not charged in time. It may lack the power to heat up the pod, leading to the RELX Infinity device not working.

Click here to find out how to know if RELX Infinity is low battery so that you can take better care of your RELX device.

  • Clogging

If you find the RELX charging but not working, it may be due to the clogged mouthpiece or airflow holes.

Normally, when you inhale from the mouthpiece, air enters through the air inlets at the bottom, creating vapour that travels through the mouthpiece. Therefore, the clogged mouthpiece or air inlets prevent smoke from being produced.

  • Faulty coils

When you activate the RELX device, the battery inside heats up the coils, which vapourises the e-liquid.

If the coil system is burned out or flooded by the e-juice, it will not function properly, making it inoperable.

  • Damaged cartridge

If your RELX stopped working suddenly, check if the cartridge is damaged. Falling from heights, being physically hurt, or being exposed to extreme temperatures can damage your vape.

How To Fix RELX Vape Not Working Issues?

7 simple steps to fix it
After analysing the reasons that cause RELX Vape not working, please feel free because we will provide 7 easy solutions to help you fix the vape.
Take out your RELX Infinity, and let’s get it done!
Charge the device
RELX Vape not working charge the device

The most common cause of the RELX Infinity device not working is simply because it ran out of power.

RELX red light blinking indicates that your RELX has a low battery. At this point, you should connect the vape with the RELX Vape charger as soon as possible. It takes about 45-60 minutes to charge your vape fully. When the indicator light turns out, unplug the charger to avoid overcharging.

Draining the vape battery to 0% or overcharging can reduce its lifespan. Therefore, we recommend keeping the battery at around 50% even if the RELX is out of use, as this will better maintain the battery’s life.

Check the pod
RELX Vape not working check the pod

You can try a different pod to see if it is a pod problem. If it is, remove the pod to install it again, and ensure it is attached firmly to prevent the e-juice from leaking.

If there is a light spillage due to the excess e-liquid or incorrect placement, wipe up the spillage with a dry, clean tissue and avoid shaking the RELX Device or vaping while lying down. However, if the leakage is more serious, it may be due to the damage to the pod.

Replace a new pod is necessary if the pod is empty or damaged, and do not get the wrong pod that is not compatible with your device.

Clean the device and pod
RELX Vape not working clean the device and pod

If the RELX no smoke coming out when you are using the vape, it is possibly because the mouthpiece or airflow holes are blocked by dust, dirt, or foreign objects.

Wipe the device and pod clean with a dry tissue if spilled e-juice or debris exists.

To clean narrow areas like the inside mouthpiece and air holes, roll the tissue into a thin strip and stick it into the place you want to clean, wiggling it from side to side to wipe.

Moderate vaping
RELX Vape not working moderate vaping

When you vape frequently, the battery doesn’t have enough time to heat the coils and thus vapourises the e-liquid, which is possible to make the liquid spat back to the user’s mouth (resulting in a very unpleasant taste) or damage the vape.

Your vape is letting you know to slow down a little by blinking red if you have taken too many puffs. Take your time taking the next one after each breath. Just savour your favourite RELX flavour lingering on your tongue, and also get the device ready for the next vaping.

Use it appropriately
RELX Vape not working use it appropriately

RELX Infinity is a portable vape that is convenient to use on the go. Keep the RELX upright when puffing, and do not shake it to avoid leakage.

When it is out of use, remember to store it properly to avoid sunlight, humidity, and physical damage.

Seek help from customer service
RELX Vape not working seek help from the customer service

If your RELX doesn’t work and you can’t pinpoint what’s causing it or don’t know how to fix it, you must seek help from after-sales service.

Describe the exact condition of your vape to customer service and ask if the warranty is valid.

Replace a new pod or device

If you are sure that the cause of the RELX vape not working is due to the pod or device and cannot be fixed. It may be time to replace the new RELX Vape Pods or devices.

Please remember to dispose of your old vape or pod responsibly according to your local recycling policy to avoid environmental pollution.

RELX Vape not working RELX Devices

RELX Infinity Device

Applicable with Infinity Pod and Infinity 2 Pod
RELX Vape not working RELX Vape Pods

RELX Pod Pro (Infinity Pod)

Compatible with Infinity Vape and Infinity 2 Vape
RELX Vape not working RELX Pod Pro – 2 pods pack

RELX Pod Pro (Infinity Pod) – 2 Pods Pack

Package includes 2 RELX Pod Pro

RELX Near Me

You can buy RELX Infinity at your local convenience store, such as 7-Eleven. However, buying nicotine-containing RELX may require you to buy from an online store, such as the RELX official website.


Why is my RELX fully charged but not working?

Incorrect pod installation, e-liquid depletion, burnt-out coils, or a clogged mouthpiece or air inlets are common causes of RELX charging but not working.

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