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RELX Infinity VS Phantom

RELX Infinity VS Phantom: 7 Biggest Differences

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RELX Phantom, an upgraded version of RELX Infinity, has received much attention since its debut. So many vapers are curious about the result of RELX Infinity VS Phantom.

Who wins and who loses? Let’s take a look at these seven aspects:

  • Design
  • Nicotine
  • Charging System
  • Battery Indicator
  • Vapour
  • Price
  • Review

Keep scrolling down, and you’ll get the most detailed results of the matchup.


RELX Infinity Review

Relx Infinity Display

The RELX Infinity is the 4th generation of RELX devices and was awarded the Red Dot Award in 2020, one of the world’s top four design awards.

It comes pre-filled with 1.9ml of e-liquid, and with a range of innovative technologies, it creates more than 30 thick RELX flavours and rich vapours, delivering approximately 300-600 puffs.

Great for vapers looking for lots of vapour!

Key Features
  • Dual charging system – Easy charging
  • Leak-resistant maze – Safe vaping experience
  • Active-steam pro – Rich vapour

RELX Phantom Review

RELX Phantom Display

RELX Phantom is also known as RELX Gen 5, the 5th generation of RELX devices.

As an upgraded version of the RELX Gen 4, it differs little in basic parameters. It provides a vaping experience of about 400 puffs.

However, it does make a breakthrough in its functional design. One of its most notable features is the clear battery indicator.

It is extremely convenient for vapers who want to charge their vapes in time.

Key Features
  • Battery indicator – Easily check the battery level
  • SmartPace vibrate alert – Reminder of appropriate nicotine intake

Relx Infinity VS Phantom: Comprehensive Comparison

RELX Infinity VS Phantom Specs
red relx infinity vape device
RELX Phantom
Compatible Pod
RELX Pod Pro
RELX Pod Pro
112 x 23 x 10 mg
113 Γ— 23 Γ— 10 mg
E-Liquid Capacity
Battery Capacity
Charging Type
Mainstream USB-C
Pogo pin
Mainstream USB-C
Charging Duration
Clear Battery Indicator


RELX Infinity VS Phantom Design

The RELX Infinity and Phantom don’t differ much in appearance, both being minimalist and luxurious.

But if you look closely, you must have noticed three differences: the indicator light, the height, and the bottom curvature.

The indicator light is the most striking difference in appearance. The RELX Infinite‘s circular indicator light consists of eight small dots.

In contrast, the RELX Phantom 5th Gen’s indicator lights are four parallel stripes.

Not only that, but the RELX Phantom will be a little taller than the RELX Infinity, but the latter has a more rounded bottom for better comfort than the former.


There are many options for both RELX 4th Gen and RELX 5 nicotine content.

RELX Infinity pods offer 0%, 1.8%, 3.5%, and 5% nicotine options, while RELX Gen 5 offers a choice of nicotine content from 0% to 5%.

In RELX 4th Gen vs 5th Gen, it’s hard to define who wins and who loses when it comes to nicotine content, as you can find your favourite nicotine content in both collections.

Charging System

Charging System Display

Both the RELX Infinity and RELX Phantom have a 380mAh battery, and both feature fast charging. Thus, you can reuse your fully charged RELX device in just 45 minutes.

But you can’t imagine that the RELX 4 generation has a dual charging system that allows it to be charged using both mainstream USB-C and RELX Infinity charging case 1500mAh.

The RELX Infinity device is superior to the RELX Phantom, which can only be charged with mainstream USB-C.

If you are interested in charging your RELX Infinity, read the article How To Charge RELX Infinity to learn more!

Battery Indicator

RELX Infinity VS Phantom Battery Indicator

The RELX Infinity and RELX Phantom have different charging indicator designs and different reminders of the power level.

When the RELX Infinity’s Indicator blinks red for 1-2 seconds, the battery is below 30%.

The RELX Phantom’s power alerts are more visual, with each cell representing 25% of the battery. It means that your RELX Phantom is fully charged when the 4-cell Indicator is fully lit.

So, RELX 5th Gen vs 4th Gen, the RELX 5th Gen is significantly more convenient regarding the battery indicator.

Leak Resistant

Both the RELX Infinity and RELX Phantom have superior e-liquid leakage prevention technology.

The intelligent maze-like structure of the RELX Infinity and RELX Phantom ensures that the e-liquid flows correctly to the atomizer, preventing any possibility of spillage.

However, RELX Infinity’s leak-proof technology is even better, winning the prestigious Red Dot Award.

If very unfortunately, your RELX Infinity is leaking, you can seek a solution in the article 6 Proven Steps To Solve RELX Infinity Pod Leaking.


Compared to the RELX Phantom, the RELX Infinity has had more thought put into vapour.

More than 100 RELX Labs R&D scientists conducted 76 sensory tests and tweaks.

They utilized Air Boost and Active-steam Pro technology to create smooth, dense and rich vapour and unique RELX flavours for vapers.

Each puff weighs 6-7.5mg, greatly satisfying the needs of vapers looking for rich vapour.

In Relx Infinity VS Phantom, there is no dispute that the former wins in terms of vapour.


RELX Infinity and RELX Phantom have two parts: RELX device and pod.

Therefore, the RELX Infinity price and RELX Phantom price can also be discussed in two parts.

RELX Infinity Device$29.90 – $89.90
RELX Phantom Device$29.99 – $99.00
RELX Pod$7.98 – $18
RELX Pod Pro$6.98 – $20

The market price range for the RELX Infinity device is roughly $29.90-$89.90, while the RELX Phantom device is priced between $29.99-$99.

The price difference between the two devices is not much, but the RELX Infinity device is more affordable overall.


The RELX Infinity and RELX Phantom devices are compatible with the RELX Pods and the RELX Pod Pro.

It means that if you own a RELX Infinity or RELX Phantom, you can pair either of these pods with either.

The price difference between the two pods is small, with the RELX Pod ranging from $7.98 to $18 and the RELX Pod Pro from $6.98 to $20.

Combining the above Relx Infinity vs Phantom price shows that Relx Infinity has a more significant price advantage.


Customer reviews are also crucial for understanding the product. Therefore, we can’t miss the Relx Infinity vs Phantom review of customers.

Relx Infinity

Amazing product, great taste!

6 months ago

Smooth draw, loving the experience.

7 months ago

Highly recommend this product!

7 months ago
RELX Phantom
9.9Expert Score
Never switch collections after buying!
9.7Expert Score
Pleasant purchase experience, worth it.
9.6Expert Score
Mia Thompson
Sleek design, very classy.

RELX Pods Near Me

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In the RELX Infinity vs Phantom showdown, the RELX Infinity is more dominant regarding charging system, vapour, and price. At the same time, the RELX Phantom’s battery Indicator is a shiny new design.

Regarding basic performance, the RELX Phantom presents a challenge to completely replace the RELX Infinity.

However, regarding the ease of the charging indicator, the RELX Phantom is indeed the vape many vapers are chasing.


What pods are compatible with RELX Phantom?

RELX Pod and RELX Pod Pro are compatible with RELX Phantom.

How to open Relx Phantom?

Just gently pull the RELX pod of the connected device upwards.

Is RELX Infinity better?

Compared to the RELX Phantom, the Relx Infinity is better in terms of charging system, vapour and price.

Is Relx a fortune 500 company?

Yes, RELX is ranked 335 in the Fortune 500 Europe in 2023.

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