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How To Fix RELX No Smoke

How To Fix RELX No Smoke: 6 Instant And Effective Solutions

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How to fix RELX no smoke? This question has been bothering many vapers. I have compiled six effective solutions for you to consider:

  • Check The Silicone Seal
  • Check The Connection Between Pod And Device
  • Clean The RELX Pod And Device
  • Charge The RELX Vape
  • Buy A New RELX Vape
  • Return Merchandise

Now, let’s analyze the reasons behind it and address all your queries!


RELX, one of the leaders in the vape industry, has captivated vapers with various high-performance RELX pod vapes and disposable vapes.

However, even with the RELX vape, there is inevitably the problem of no vapour that happens with almost all vapes. What’s the way to fix it?

While this situation is annoying, there is no need to worry. This article covers the top 6 reasons and solutions!

6 Reasons RELX Has No Vapour

No silicone seal removed

If you find a new RELX vape with RELX no smoke coming out, don’t get angry or confused just yet.

It is likely due to the lack of vapour because the silicone seal hasn’t been removed yet.

Improper connection

If your product is a pod vape, you need to consider the improper connection between the pod and the device.

The vape will not function properly once the RELX pod and the RELX device are not connected tightly.

For example, the vape may not heat the e-liquid properly, resulting in the RELX’s inability to produce vapour.

Clogged equipment

A common reason the RELX fails to produce vapour is that the vape becomes clogged. It often occurs in the mouthpiece, airflows, and the pod and device connection.

A clogged airflow will prevent airflow from entering the vape, which will not activate the battery.

A clogged mouthpiece, on the other hand, will prevent the vapour from being transferred to the mouth.

The heating element may not function properly if a foreign object clogs the connection between the pod and the device.

The vape will also be unable to convert the e-liquid into vapour efficiently.

Depleted battery

If you are using the RELX for a while and notice that no vapour is being produced, the vape is likely running out of power.

The RELX battery capacity is fixed. Once depleted, the RELX vape battery cannot power the heating element, and vapour will not be produced.

Depleted e-liquid

Similarly, running out of e-liquid will naturally result in the inability to produce vapour.

Even if the vape is fully charged, without the e-liquid, there is no source of vapour production.

In this case, constant heating may also leave you with an unpleasant burnt flavour.

If you want to know how to tell if you’re running out of e-liquid, please read How To Know If RELX Pod Is Empty: 8 Key Signs.

Damaged RELX vape

If you have ruled out all the above situations, your RELX vape may have been damaged.

Damage to the RELX vape can be caused by an accidental drop that short-circuits the battery, a broken pod casing that leads to e-liquid leakage, the RELX getting water in it, and so on.

How To Fix RELX No Smoke: Detailed Instructions

how to fix relx no Smoke
Check The Silicone Seal
How To Fix RELX No Smoke Check The Silicone Seal

After receiving your new RELX vape, please check that you have removed the silicone seal.

Once the silicone seal has been removed, you can enjoy the rich and smooth vapour as normal.

Check The Connection Between Pod And Device
How To Fix RELX No Smoke: Check The Connection

Please check that your pod and device are tightly connected.

The connection between RELX Pod and RELX Device Australia is easy. Just gently push the pod into the device.

Clean The RELX Pod And Device
How To Fix RELX No Smoke: Clean The RELX

If the RELX is clogged with foreign matter, please clean it promptly.

You can gently remove foreign matter from dry tissue or cotton swabs.

Charge The RELX Vape
How To Fix RELX No Smoke: Charge The RELX

After depleting the power, please charge it with a charging cable that matches your RELX vape.

After RELX full charged, the vapour will be able to be produced smoothly.

If your RELX is not charging, a solution can be found in the article Why Is Your RELX Vape Not Charging: 5 Potential Causes.

Note: Please do not perform RELX battery replacement by yourself. It is dangerous behaviour.

Buy A New RELX Vape
How To Fix RELX No Smoke: Buy A New RELX Vape

If your disposable RELX has been damaged, I suggest that you buy a new RELX to continue the wonderful smoking experience.

If the pod vape is damaged, you only need to buy a new pod or device to replace the damaged part, which is relatively inexpensive.

Note: Damaged vapes may involve situations such as RELX short circuit fixes.

It is dangerous and not recommended to be disassembled and repaired independently.

Return Merchandise
How To Fix RELX No Smoke: Return Merchandise

Some vapers find that the vape is damaged after receiving the new RELX, which may be caused by improper transportation.

Please get in touch with after-sales customer service in time to negotiate a return or exchange.

Frequently Encountered RELX Problems

Why is my RELX blinking red even after charging?

Your RELX still blinking red after charging could be caused by any of the following seven reasons:

  • Hardware failure
  • Insufficient power
  • Faulty atomizer
  • Leaky pods
  • Overcharging
  • Incorrect pod insertion
  • Poor contact between the stem and the battery

Why Is My RELX Infinity Blinking Red: 5 Solutions After Charging can help you learn more about this issue.

How to fix RELX no smoke without pods?
  • Charge the RELX

Insufficient power may prevent the heating element from heating the e-liquid, thus preventing the production of smoke.

  • Check the connection

It is possible that there is nothing wrong with your RELX devices but that the device is improperly connected to the pod.

  • Cleaning foreign objects

Foreign object clogging can also prevent smoke from being produced, so clean the unit of any foreign objects.

How to fix RELX pod not working?
  • Remove foreign objects from the charging port

Gently wipe the bottom of the device with a microfiber cloth until all visible foreign objects are removed.

  • Charge regularly

Insufficient power is one of the common reasons why the RELX pod pro does not work.

  • Contacting customer service

Damaged RELX may also cause the RELX pod not to work. In this case, you can contact customer service for a solution.

You can read Why Is The RELX Vape Not Working? 7 Steps To Fix It for more information about RELX vape not working.

Why is my RELX blinking red 3 times?

It signifies that your RELX may be low on power or have a short circuit condition.

If a short circuit occurs, the RELX will flash a red light three times when you press the button or vape.

RELX Vape Shop Near Me

If your RELX is damaged and you are planning to buy genuine RELX vapes, RELX Vapes Australia is your best choice.

We support the fight against RELX counterfeits and provide genuine product verification services.

We are committed to providing vapers with high-quality RELX products and the ultimate vaping experience.


How to fix RELX no smoke? I’m sure by now you have the answer in your mind.

If you do encounter this problem, please follow the instructions in this guide. I hope this article was helpful for you and happy vaping!


How to fix RELX no smoke infinity?

There are four common fixes:

  • Check the silicone seal.
  • Clean foreign objects.
  • Charge the Infinity device.
  • Check the connection between the pod and the Infinity device.

How do I fix RELX not firing?

You can try the following four methods:

  • Maintain cleanliness.
  • Ensure your RELX is adequately charged.
  • Confirm the removal of the bottom silicone seal.
  • Test with the new pod to troubleshoot any potential pod-related issues.

How do you clean a clogged RELX?

Utilize dry tissue or cotton swabs for the gentle removal of foreign particles.

Why can’t I inhale my RELX?

Thoroughly inspect your airflow and mouthpiece to ensure unobstructed airflow.

Why is my vape lighting up but not hitting?

It can be caused by airflow blockage and failure to remove the silicone seal.

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