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Why Is My RELX Flashing Light?

Why Is Your RELX Flashing: Understanding The Flashing Signals

Have you ever encountered a situation with your RELX Vape where it suddenly starts blinking, and you don’t know why? It can be quite frustrating. But don’t worry. Its occurrence doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace the device immediately.

This article will discuss the reasons behind this issue and provide practical troubleshooting steps to help you resolve it quickly.

What Is The RELX Flashing Light:What Is The RELX Flashing Light?

What Is The RELX Flashing Light?

The RELX device has a blinking indicator light on its body. The light blinks in a specific pattern to provide information about the device’s charging status, on/off status, or excessive consumption.

The indicator light flashes normally:

ConditionLED indicator
StandbyRELX Pod is correctly connected to the device. White light flashes once
Low batteryWhen the battery is below 10%, the light changes from white to red, flashing 10 times
ChargingThe light is always on and extinguishes when full
Vibrating reminder (Infinity)If you inhale 15 times in 15 minutes, the device will vibrate and flash to remind you.
Overcharge protectionIf the device is overcharged or frequently unplugged, the charger cable is protected, and the indicator light flashes 3 times.
Current power mode indicator (Infinity2 device)Responds to the current power status of the device with green (Eco Mode), blue (Smooth Mode), and purple (Boost Mode).

Why Is My RELX Flashing Light Abnormally?

If your RELX is flashing red, even when fully charged, and not working properly, you may need to make a fault judgment.

Looking at the structure of RELX, the problem could be in the following areas:

  • RELX Pods
  • Battery
  • Wear and equipment faults.

Don’t worry. We will help you solve the problem step by step!

What Is The RELX Flashing Light:Why Is My RELX Flashing Light?
What Is The RELX Flashing Light:How To Fix RELX Flashing Light?

How To Fix RELX Flashing Light?


  • RELX Pods leaking – Leaking e-Liquid can damage the internal components of the RELX, causing the indicator light to malfunction.
  • RELX Pods burnt taste – A burnt taste causes the indicator lights to function abnormally. They may flash and change colour irregularly to indicate an issue.
  • Abnormal battery charging or insufficient battery life – check for proper charging or replace the battery
  • Failure of an internal part – if it is within the warranty period, we recommend that you contact customer service for a replacement. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new relax unit.

To help users solve such problems, this website provides the following articles for your reference.

How To Prevent The RELX From Flashing Abnormally?

To get the best out of your RELX vape and prevent issues like flashing abnormally. You can clean your device and pods regularly and avoid over-squeezing them or vaping large quantities in a short period of time.

Storing them in a cool, dry place, out of the sun, is also important.

For more detailed maintenance practices, you can check out the following articles.

What Is The RELX Flashing Light:How Do You Maintain A RELX Vape?


If your RELX Pod Vape is flashing, don’t panic. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken or has a serious problem.

Most of the time, a blinking light is just trying to tell you some information. It could be as simple as a battery needing to be recharged.

If you take some time to investigate what might be wrong, you could be able to fix the issue and get back to enjoying your RELX vape.


How do I know if my RELX is broken?

It is likely broken when the RELX device displays flashing indicators, has severe surface cracks or internal structural damage and does not function correctly.

Why is my RELX flashing light while charging

Some RELX devices feature a battery indication that pulses while charging and stays lit when fully charged.

How do I check my RELX battery?

If the indicator light blinks ten times, the battery is low. Connect the USB charger to a compatible USB port using the provided cable to charge the device. The charging process takes around 45 minutes.

Can I still use my vape if its blinking?

If the light on your disposable vape is flashing, it’s probably because either the device’s battery is dead or it has run out of e-liquid. You can use the device after fully charging it or replacing the pods.

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