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RELX User Guide: A Guide To Solving All Your Problems

RELX User Guide: A Guide To Solving All Your Problems

If you’re a newcomer to RELX or e-cigarettes in general, you might be curious about how to use a RELX Vape. This RELX user guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about using a RELX Vape.

RELX User Guide: What Is RELX?

What Is RELX?

RELX was founded in 2017 to provide high-quality and safe pod kits for vaping newcomers, focusing on consistent design, enjoyable flavours, ease of use, and a pleasurable experience.

Here is a breakdown of each RELX model to help you understand the product information.

How To Use RELX?

To use your RELX device, connect the pod to it. The RELX Pods slide in smoothly thanks to the magnetic lock. No need to click or manually open it. Activate it by gently inhaling with the RELX Pod’s mouthpiece and start your wonderful vape journey.

Learn how to use the RELX Vape Pod correctly by following the steps in these articles.

RELX User Guide: How To Use RELX?
RELX User Guide: Why Is Your RELX Not Working?

Why Is Your RELX Not Working?

Sometimes, even if you know how to use your RELX vape correctly, it may work differently than expected due to certain circumstances.

To help you resolve such issues, we have provided some blogs that outline common problems and their simple solutions.

How Do You Maintain Your RELX?

The key to prolonging the life of your RELX vape is proper storage, charging, and avoiding counterfeit products.

Referring to the following articles, we will introduce you to simple measures to maintain your RELX device and ways to recognize the authenticity of the fake ones.

RELX User Guide: How Do You Maintain Your RELX?
RELX User Guide: How To Pick Your RELX Flavour?

How To Pick Your RELX Flavour?

RELX offers over 20 flavours, including sweet fruit, refreshing soda, classic tobacco, summer popsicles, and unique tea. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one.

Considering this, we’ve created some lists of flavours to help you choose the right one. Check out our blog for more information.


RELX products are more than simple vape devices. They are cutting-edge accessories that represent the most advanced vape technology.

Ensure your RELX device is properly cared for to get the most out of them! Remember to check the package instructions for proper device maintenance.

Find your ideal vape for a great vaping experience with RELX’s quality products!


How do I activate my RELX vape?

No buttons are necessary to activate your RELX device; inhale from the mouthpiece. Once you insert a RELX Pod, you’re ready for a unique experience.

How does a RELX vape work?

RELX products have recently implemented a touch-free design that relies solely on vibration and indicator lights for user interaction. The device’s battery powers a heating element that warms the liquid inside a chamber through a wick made of cotton.

How do I know my RELX is fully charged?

You will know when your RELX device is fully charged by a solid white light that stops pulsing. It takes about 45-60 minutes to charge the device fully.

How do I know if my RELX Pod is empty?

If your RELX vape pod is empty of e-juice, you cannot produce any vapour. When you inhale, you will notice that nothing comes out and get a burnt taste.

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